Bullen’s Winter Weather Solutions

WINTERINSE & Liquid Ice Melt are helpful in surviving the cold, winter season

The Bullen Companies’ WINTERINSE and Liquid Ice Melt are winter weather solutions. One removes film on floors and carpet from ice melt chemicals while the other is fast acting for the easy removal of ice and snow.

Ice melt chemicals attack floor polishes to dull their gloss and necessitate premature stripping and recoating. WINTERINSE will eliminate the white film from ice melt chemicals that are deposited at entranceways and can be tracked over other flooring and carpeting. Users mop it on and mop it off. There is no need for scrubbing. The WINTERINSE winter weather solution also reduces slip hazards. Wet floors are more slippery… and floors covered with ice melt film stay wet longer because the compounds are hydroscopic and hold water.

For routine winter use, users add one ounce of WINTERINSE to each gallon of rinse water. 
For heavy film removal, users add two ounces to each gallon of rinse water. If using on carpet, dilute two ounces per gallon in a carpet extractor. Apply the mixed solution liberally and allow it to soak a few minutes then wring out the mop and pick up the dissolved ice melt. WINTERINSE is yellow green in color with an evergreen odor.

winter weatherLiquid Ice Melt is a fast acting liquid used for ice removal and ice prevention. It does not contain corrosive salts or toxic solvents and leaves no harmful or unsightly film. This product will break up ice and packed on snow in less than 20 minutes for easy removal by plow, shovel, or broom. As a pre-spray it will make plowing and shoveling easier. Liquid Ice Melt is safe for all surfaces including concrete, asphalt, glass, and metal.

Liquid Ice Melt is suitable for use on driveways, sidewalks, steps, landings, and outside entrance ways. It can also be used to remove ice and snow from cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. To use full strength, users apply a course wet spray with a garden pump type or compressed air sprayer. To prevent ice buildup, pre-spray area before ice and/or snow event. Do not dilute or mix with other chemicals. Use one gallon per 3,500 square feet. For ice removal use one gallon for each 600 feet of surface. More may be required if ice is greater than ½” thick.


  1. My dad wanted to make sure that our home is ready for the coming winter season. It was explained here that ice melt attacks the floor polish. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted businesses when considering commercial landing ice melting heaters.

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