Cambridge Sound Management And Lutron Partner

Sound masking integrates with occupancy sensors to provide automatic privacy for occupants upon their entering a room.

Cambridge Sound Management, provider of sound masking technology and Lutron Electronics, a company focused on energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control, have announced a partnership that enables sound masking systems to activate automatically based on room occupancy. The partnership was created to help keep conversations in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lobbies, or medical offices private and secure.speech privacy

Facility management can now help protect speech privacy automatically for building occupants by integrating the award-winning Qt Conference Room Edition and Qt Patient Privacy System sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management with the Lutron Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensor and the Lutron PowPak CCO module.

“As the leader in sound masking, we want to be sure our solutions integrate seamlessly into popular energy and lighting control systems,” says Christopher Calisi, CEO at Cambridge Sound Management. “Lutron is a clear leader in their industry, and this partnership enables customers to activate speech protection in private spaces without ever having to think about it.”

“Lutron is delighted to join Cambridge Sound Management in its effort to automatically activate sound masking systems that boost privacy,” said Scott Hanna, vice president, commercial systems and communications at Lutron Electronics. “Lutron products will help seamlessly create the right environment for occupants, making them more comfortable and confident in the security of their private conversations.”

Lutron wireless Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors and PowPak CCO modules ensure smooth integration and reliable communication with Cambridge Sound Management systems via reliable Lutron Clear Connect RF technology. Wireless control makes installation quick and easy. When an occupant enters, the occupancy sensor immediately sends a command to the PowPak CCO module, which activates the sound management system. No more worrying about whether you activated the sound system or compromised sensitive conversations. The sound management system automatically shuts off when the room is vacant.

Cambridge Sound Management has the largest portfolio of advanced sound masking solutions on the market that help increase acoustic comfort, protect speech privacy, and reduce noise distractions. The Qt Conference Room system is a sound masking solution targeted for meeting rooms, board rooms, and huddle rooms, and the Qt Patient Privacy system is targeted for reception areas and patient rooms in medical or dental offices.