Camden Next Gen CM-AF500 Illuminated Annunciators

The CM-AF500 Series has been updated with better visibility

The entire line of CM-AF500 illuminated annunciators from Camden Door Controls has been enhanced. The newly updated versions offer superior visibility with much brighter, clearer, easy to read text.

illuminated annunciatorsThe CM-AF500 series illuminated signs and combination sign and push buttons, are designed to provide critical messages, as needed, to building occupants (e.g., when a restroom door is electrically locked or there is a system alarm/trouble). They are distinctive from other annunciators in that their ‘white out’ text and graphics are completely invisible unless the LED indication is energized. When not illuminated, the sign (text and/or graphics) is invisible. When illuminated, the text/ graphics are highly visible, even in bright daylight.

The CM-AF500 comes with six labels that can be easily switched during installation. Custom signs (text, graphics, and colors) are available upon request. The illuminated annunciators are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel for resistance to vandalism, and are supplied with a rubber gasket for use in weather/water resistant applications. The units also come with with stainless steel Torx or snake eye security screws.

CM-AF500 series models also feature an adjustable volume control, which can be especially beneficial when the annunciator is used in small or confined spaces, such as restrooms. Rather than employing a sounder similar to that for fire alarm notification, it simply confirms that the emergency push button is activated. The actual notification device for this emergency call system is the one outside of the restroom.

CM-AF500 series models include the:

  • CM-AF500 single gang LED annunciator with six message labels—occupied when lit (green), locked when lit (green), occupied/occupe (red and green), armed (red), and unlocked (green). Measures 4½” H x 2¾” W x 9/16″ D.
  • CM-AF501SO single gang LED ‘Assistance Requested’ (red) annunciator with adjustable sounder. Measures 4½” H x 2¾” W x 9/16″ D.
  • CM-AF54OSO double gang red mushroom ‘Press for Assistance’ push button and ‘Assistance Requested’ (red) LED annunciator with adjustable 85dB sounder. Measures 4½” H x 4½” W x 9/16″ D.
  • CM-AF550R double gang, red mushroom ‘Push to Lock’ button and ‘Locked’ (red) LED annunciator. Measures 4½” H x 4½” W x 9/16″ D.

All CM-AF500 series illuminated annunciators feature a heavy gauge stainless steel faceplate with a 1-3/8″ square LED illuminated message. Field selectable 12/30V AC/DC operation allows the signs to be used in a variety of low voltage applications, including automatic door, access control, and other low voltage systems. Temperature range is 32°F to 176°F. Bilingual versions are available and all CM-AF500 models are backed by Camden’s three year warranty.