Canara Insight+ for Batteries by Canara

batteriesCanara Insight+ for Batteries is a subscription-based means of monitoring and managing backup power infrastructure. Unlike the traditional “risk and react” approach, this end-to-end service embraces a “predict and prevent” model by providing and managing every aspect of battery asset management.

Canara Insight+ for Batteries bundles monitoring hardware, hardware replacement, and predictive monitoring services to provide a complete solution for mission critical facilities. Canara Power Experts review performance data and use analytics to predict imminent failures for real insights into infrastructure. By gathering core data in every facility, it can help improve energy and operational efficiencies and ensure availability. While the information is being watched and interpreted, users can access and evaluate the same trending data through the Canara Insight Center.

The Canara Quadrant Controller hardware collects battery health and performance data across a string of batteries. These metrics enable identification of trending and critical battery situations that may require maintenance activity. The data points measured include impedance, float voltage, ambient temperature, and charge and discharge voltages. The Quadrant Controllers are connected to a Canara Manager that aggregates and communicates collected power system data back to the Canara Insight Center for analysis.

Canara Insight+ for Batteries includes hardware that gathers the same performance data as node-based systems but with up to 80% less battery connections. This results in a smaller hardware footprint with fewer potential points of failure, a swappable design for non-intrusive replacement, and large installation scalability. This predictive and monitoring analytics as a service removes upfront capital and provides visibility into current performance, extends battery life, protects systems from thermal runway, and reduces maintenance costs.

Critical power analysis and reporting for Canara Insight+ for Batteries includes alarm details and recommended actions and an aging analysis report for an estimate of remaining operational life of a battery system (based on a performance index rating that takes into account: system Ohmic rise, system age, number of batteries out of tolerance, and number of batteries replaced). Canara can also perform periodic validation of data captured on handheld devices against the data collected by the battery monitoring system. In addition, custom reports allow users to create, edit, and save battery data in alternative formats that cater to specific asset management needs and users can create work tickets to track all corrective and preventive maintenance activity performed on data center battery assets.