Cardinus Ergonomic Assessment Solution

Healthy Working Pro streamlines data collection, risk scoring, and reporting, allowing those responsible for ergonomics to capture the information they need to make the right interventions to reduce injury

Healthy Working Pro from Cardinus LLC is an industrial ergonomic assessment solution. This cloud-based system can be used on portable devices, such as laptops and tablets, allowing assessors and risk consultants to use the software on-site, as they assess workers, environments, equipment, processes, and existing solutions. The solution is suitable for factories and warehouses, utilities, pharmaceutical sites, food and beverage facilities hospitality environments, and more.ergonomic assessment

The role of an ergonomics assessor is to identify risks in a work environment that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders or other types of workplace injuries. Assessors, ergonomists, and consultants use this information to make recommendations and implement solutions that can help to reduce risks and change workplace protocols to make environments safer.

Featuring 13 out-of-the-box ergonomic assessment tools, as well as the option to add bespoke assessments at an additional cost, Healthy Working Pro speeds up the process of recording and reporting on assessments. This then allows for standardized reports, greater analysis of ergonomic assessment data, and improved ergonomics program performance.

Further assessments will be added, ensuring that Healthy Working Pro provides the complete offering to ergonomists, both in-house or externally.ergonomic assessment

Healthy Working Pro comes with two models, a standalone, cloud-based tool for use in on-site assessments, or an integrated ergonomic solution for enterprise clients to bring together industrial, office and laboratory programs.

Healthy Working Pro is available in two models—as a standalone ergonomics program or as part of an integrated suite for enterprise clients to bring together industrial, office, and laboratory programs. The standalone access provides assessors with the cloud-based software and tools, which allows them to complete assessments, create reports, and manage data in one interface. The enterprise option allows for all of the standalone product features, as well as integration with Cardinus’ suite of Healthy Working solutions.ergonomic assessment

Healthy Working Pro is integrated with Cardinus’ Healthy Working e-learning and assessment software. New e-learning courses have been added to cover more areas of manual and industrial activity, including safe patient handling and manual handling.

“The increasing demand for an enterprise-wide solution to support ergonomic risk was evident and we set about building Healthy Working Pro to meet the needs of existing and future clients as well as supporting our expert on-site partners across the U.S. and globally. We have developed Healthy Working Pro to be simple and intuitive to use and to deliver rapid results and reports,” said Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO.

Healthy Working Pro includes the following assessments:

ACGIH TLV for Lifting
Liberty Mutual Lifting / Lowering
Liberty Mutual Pushing / Pulling
Liberty Mutual Carrying
Moore-Garg Strain Index
Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)
Rapid Upper Body Assessment (RULA)
NIOSH Lifting Equation
NIOSH Composite Lifting Index
ANSI Survey
Rodgers Muscle Fatigue
MAC Tool

In addition, Cardinus has already worked with several ergonomists and physios to build bespoke assessments.

Cardinus’ U.S. President, Bill Pace, added, “We can white label or co-brand Healthy Working Pro, and we offer a variety of license models from a pay-per-use for smaller organizations to multi-user, or multi-usage, all the way to a fully customized enterprise option. And, with our selected expert partners we can offer the most comprehensive global ergonomics solution available in the market. Where a fully integrated, enterprise-wide solution is required Cardinus can offer office, laboratory, and industrial risk assessments and e-learning backed by our powerful reporting and task management database, PACE.”


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