CARVART Confer Movable Screens

Users can select the best scale for their space, privacy needs, and budget

Confer is a line of movable glassSCREENS from CARVART. They combine contemporary design with personal flexibility and functionality as well as a minimal profile base and frame design. These movable screens can accommodate small meeting rooms or impromptu meeting space with larger sizes that travel between an open plan area and conference room.

movable screensUsers can select the best scale of Confer for their space, privacy needs, and budget. It is available in a broad range of glass and frame finishes to match or provide contrast and will blend with all the other CARVART interior products.

Confer is writeable, comes as magnetic or non-magnetic, and can be projected onto during presentations in the workplace. Surface options are smooth for horizontal and vertical applications (reflective and non-oil absorbing) or writeable etch recommended mainly for vertical applications (non-oil absorbing, stain resistant, and non-reflective with a slightly-abraded surface for a softer, uniform frosted appearance).

Of the more than 500 colors offered in this architectural line, 30 have been curated to make choosing easier for contract customers, giving them the option to mix and match to liven up the office environment. This collection meets the growing needs for collaboration, daylighting, semi-private space, quality image, and high functionality within the ever-changing office space.

Made of low-iron tempered glass, Confer comes in 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″ and 60″ standard widths and in a 78″ overall standard height. Frame dimensions measure 1-5/16″ thick with 24″ deep base supports. The four casters are 3-7/8″ high (one lockable on each side) and come in white, light gray, or black. Accessories for the movable screens include magnetic and adhesive face-mounted Marker Holders, Trays, Erasers, and Rare-Earth Magnets.