CARVART Creates Protective Screens

glassSCREENS>Shield helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, protecting essential workers and customers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, architectural glass products and hardware systems company CARVART has created glassSCREENS>Shield, a new collection of ¼” tempered glass protective screens that can be ordered and installed on the frontlines within a week. These versatile non-porous shields prevent microbes from entering the surface and can withstand the harsh industrial-level cleaning products that are now a requirement. They are suitable for public-facing businesses across North America that include pharmacies, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, banks, shippers, government institutions, and many others to protect both the essential employees and their customers.protective screens

“The creation of glassSCREENS>Shield was the result of a phone call with a pharmacist friend,” stated CARVART CEO Edward Geyman. “They needed better protection and urgently requested a more effective screen. The CARVART team immediately jumped into action, and within a week, we were delivering the first screens. We’re honored to be able to use our expertise to do our part to help our community and brave network of essential workers.”

CARVART utilized their 20-plus years of industry-leading experience to react quickly to the growing need to limit exposure while essential personnel completed transactions. Their strength in design, engineering, and fabrication allowed their team to be agile and quickly develop new customizable products, meeting functional needs while preserving CARVART’s focus on design and aesthetics.

“For CARVART, health and safety are a top priority both for our own teams and our clients. Our facilities are following guidelines to produce products to meet this demand with accelerated delivery and installation support,” added Geyman.

protective screensThe glassSCREENS>Shield line includes three styles and multiple sizes of a freestanding Countertop unit, a single Full-Height unit, and a foldable Full Height Double screen with various features such as Add-On Units, Transaction Windows, Protection Screens with Shutters, No Draft Speak Through Windows, and Casters. As in all of the CARVART portfolio of One Common Thread solutions, these options are all customizable to meet specific onsite criteria.

The glassSCREENS>Shields are produced in Brooklyn, New York and out for national delivery within a week of ordering. While created specifically to combat the spread of COVID-19, the sleek and durable protective screens can be a permanent solution as businesses continue to adjust their employee safety measures.


  1. Can you tell me what is the height of your Full-Height unit, and a foldable Full Height Double screen? I sit in a cubicle with a person across from me. Not 6′ apart when we stand up and walk away from our desk. We’re thinking of getting a full height (5′ or so) portable shield that stands on the ground and that we can put in the middle of the walkway.

    • Looks like both the Full-Height and Full-Height Double measure 78″ from bottom of casters to top of screen (72-5/16 screen itself + 5-11/16 casters).

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