CE Mark for SITES Media Destruction Equipment

Secure I.T. Engineered Solutions (SITES), a Division of Security Engineered Machinery received CE Mark Approval for its full line of electronic media destruction / sanitization equipment. This includes degaussers, hard drive and solid state shredders, and E-media disintegrators.

media destructionThe CE Mark ensures buyers that the equipment complies with the Essential Health & Safety requirements of all applicable directives. This includes health and safety evaluation (electrically and physically), environmental compliance, and EMC testing. The protocols are designed to determine that there will be no impact to the welfare of operators or the surrounding equipment.

Degaussing is the term used to sanitize or erase data from magnetic media. Magnetic Degaussing involves the use of magnets to erase data. The more powerful the magnet, the more complete the erasure. The magnet does all of the work and there is no need for electrical power to create the magnetic field—although some magnetic degaussers require power to convey media past the magnet. Electromechanical Degaussing uses a build up of electrical energy to create a magnetic field. When the electricity reaches the necessary level it is discharged and data is removed from the magnetic surface.

Degaussing is effective for hard drives, floppy disks, computer backup tapes, audio tapes, video tapes/cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, and most other magnetic media. Model MMD-1000HS has a degauss time of 30 milliseconds and MMD-1000 has a degauss time of 100 milliseconds. Both accept any drive up to 1.05″ thick as well as magnetic tapes. SD-Mobile supports 3½”, 2½”, 1.8″, and 1″ HDDs with a degauss time of 100 milliseconds.

SSD (Solid State Device) Shredders include models HDS-SSD-3000, HDS-SDD-4001, HDS-SDD-4002, and HDS-SSD-5004. They are powerful machines that use heavy-duty steel cutters to rip SSDs into particles not wider than 0.375″. This small size is necessary to ensure that all of the SSD’s data bearing chips are damaged and destroyed. Throughput media destruction capacities range from about 250 drives per hour to 1,500 drives per hour, feed slots from 4½” x 1½” x 6″ to 8″ x 2½”, and motor sizes from 3 HP to 20 HP.

E-Media Disintegrators use a series of stationary knives and rotating knives spinning at very high speeds to continuously cut media until it is small enough to pass through a sizing screen. Users can select screens to produce particles from 1″ down to as small as .08″. They are suitable for a variety of mixed media destruction, including USB thumb drives, optical media, compact flash/SD/SIM cards, and smartphones.

The Model eDIS-200E disintegrator has a throat size of 4″ x 5″ x .5″ and Model eDIS-200 has a throat size of 2″ x 9″. Each offers a throughput up to 70 pounds per hour at 3/32″. Model eDIS-200DS has a throat size of 2″ x 9″ for e-media and 9½” for paper with a throughput up to 75 pounds per hour at 3/32″.

Combination HDD/SSD Shredders feature dual feed chutes and dual cutting chambers to destroy rotational platter based hard drives and solid state hard drives. HDD waste is reduced to particle sizes of 1½”, 1″, or ¾”. Solid state media is reduced down to particles no wider than 0.375″.

The HDS-3000 Combo has dual 5½” W x 2″ H feed openings with a throughput of up to 750 at 1½”, 375 at ¾” HDDs, and 240 SSDs at .375″. The HDS-4005 Combo has dual 5¼” W x 2″ H feed openings with a throughput up to 2,500 at 1½”; 2,000 at 1″; 1,500 at ¾”; and 1,000 SSDs at .375″. The HDS-5004 Combo has dual 5¼” W x 2″ H feed openings (optional wider SSD feed opening is 14½”) with a throughput up to 3,500 at 1½”; 3,000 at 1″; 2,500 at ¾”; and 1,500 SSDs at .375″. Each model features a three-phase motor at 208, 230, or 460V.