Cellebrite Digital Intelligence Readiness Navigator

Online tool empowers law enforcement & intelligence agencies to gauge their ability to manage digital investigations

The DI Readiness Navigator from Cellebrite, provider of Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions, is a comprehensive tool enabling law enforcement and intelligence agencies to understand their ability to create efficiencies and drive increased effectiveness across their technology stack, people, and processes in their investigation workflow.

digital intelligenceThe DI Readiness Navigator provides DFIR (digital forensics & incident response), cybersecurity professionals, and more, a brief questionnaire, then it produces a customized DI Readiness Matrix report allowing agencies to understand where they have opportunities to better access, manage, and analyze large volumes of digital evidence. The report will aid organizations in identifying key opportunities for technology and organizational transformation using Digital Intelligence.

“Cellebrite solutions for law enforcement have evolved from providing the ability to access and decode data, to include AI and analytics, the ability to optimize Digital Intelligence tools and safeguard the chain of digital evidence,” said Mark Gambill, CMO of Cellebrite. “We are pleased to provide this unique resource to help law enforcement get ahead of the growing challenge digital data presents during the course of an investigation.”

The Digital Intelligence Readiness Navigator is offered online to agencies of all sizes. The tool helps agencies on their journey to modernize and create standard operating procedures for the use of digital data in investigations by rating agencies’ needs across eight key categories:

  • Access to digital evidence
  • Management of the digital data workload
  • Digital evidence operations and chain of custody
  • Capability to securely share data and collaborate
  • Ability to leverage timely insights from digital evidence
  • Competency and know-how of the team’s ability to handle digital data
  • Professional development plans to keep pace with shifts in technology
  • Ability to measure the effectiveness of workflows and drive ongoing optimizations

According to the annual Cellebrite Global Industry Benchmark survey, a total of 97% of crimes involved cell phones, 53% involved computers, and 50% involved cloud data in 2020. Additionally, most investigators still review data manually; almost 20% read and mark extraction reports with a highlighter.

Alison Brooks, IDC Research Vice President, worldwide public safety lead explains, “The deluge of digital data and the COVID-19 pandemic have expedited the need for law enforcement to radically rethink their public safety workflow. Having a Digital Intelligence strategy prepares them to address these challenges, from whatever stage of digital maturity they are at. In turn, this helps them take advantage of emerging trends such as using AI as a force multiplier, establishing best practices for digital trust and acceptable use of technology, and using first responders as sensors.”

“The DI Readiness Navigator and Matrix are the cornerstones of forming a DI strategy and are crucial to its cultivation. Through our trusted partnerships with our customers, we look forward to helping guide them through this important journey,” said Gambill.


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