ChargeSpot Wireless Charging for Phones & Tablets

Transmitter for powering smartphones and tablets

ChargeSpot from ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc. is a wireless charging transmitter that installs under table surfaces. It allows anyone to charge their smartphone or tablet and is capable of fast charging for devices that can accept higher power transfer.

“End users and designers love ChargeSpot for its clean aesthetic and seamless charging experience. We’re helping people create a truly wireless work environment,” says CEO Mark Goh. “With fast wireless charging we’re making it even easier for people to stay connected— it’s 1.5 times faster than conventional wireless charging.”

wireless chargingChargeSpot uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy between a transmitter and receiver. Inductive charging is commonly used for charging electric toothbrushes and other small electronics. Inductive charging capacity has since increased. Transmitters are connected to a power source and affixed in place. The transmitter has an induction coil that can generate an electromagnetic field. When an appropriate receiver is placed within range of the transmitter, the receiver derives power from the electromagnetic field, converting it back into electrical current. The receiver can be a separate unit connectable to a battery, or built into devices.

ChargeSpot is easy to use and install and can be added to any piece of furniture (non-compatible surfaces include metal and glass) to create a fast wireless charging zone on top. A decal denotes the location of the ChargeSpot and marks the spot that users place a device over to begin charging. When a smartphone or tablet is placed in the zone, it charges to keep employees connected and productive. The enhanced power output of ChargeSpot allows devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 to power up from 0% to 70% in less than one hour.

“As collaboration becomes crucial for knowledge based workers, infrastructure to support these collaborative sessions is essential” explains Goh. “With ChargeSpot, employees can make client calls all day or use their mobile device without battery life anxiety. It’s our way of improving the workplace experience.”

ChargeSpot supports most wireless charging devices on the market with both Qi and PMA standards. It is also smart and can be connected to the Connect cloud platform for added capabilities. ChargeSpot measures 3½” in diameter x ¾” high, operates on the WPC 1.2 wireless power protocol, is powered by 19V 1350mA (sold separately), and has a power output of 15 watts.