Chicago Hospital Wins Equipment

3M Building and Commercial Services Division, in partnership with Tennant Company, a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor environmental cleaning solutions, recently awarded St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, IL with a new Tennant T7 ec-H2O Scrubber-Dryer, an automatic floor-scrubbing machine.

St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago was the grand prize winner in 3M’s promotional contest that capped off a year long 50th anniversary celebration of 3M Floor Pads. In 1958, 3M originated the first synthetic, non-woven floor pad; these pads are still recognized as the worldwide industry standard today. They feature uniform distribution of mineral abrasives throughout the pad to provide superior performance and extend the life of the pad. Additionally, the pads have individual fibers that are coated separately to help produce more consistent results. They are washable and reuseable.

“We are thrilled to present this top of the line cleaning solution to such a deserving organization. The Tennant T7 Micro-rider Scrubber-Dryer with ec-H2O technology equipped with the 3M TopLine Autoscrubber Floor Pad 5000 will allow St. Joseph Hospital to clean better, faster, and safer all while supporting sustainability,” said Ed Michels, marketing development manager, Hard Floor Systems with 3M Building & Commercial Services Division.

“Awarding the ec-H2O machine that cleans with only water and utilizes 3M pads is a perfect way to showcase how far the floor maintenance industry has come since 3M invented floor pads 50 years ago,” added Michels.

The contest asked 3M customers to perform a scratch-off test comparing 3M Black Stripping Pads to a leading competitor’s stripping pad. The scratch-off test gave consumers a firsthand look at how 3M Floor Pads provide consistent performance and high quality results throughout their lifetime. All participants entered into a drawing for the Tennant T7 Micro-rider Scrubber-Dryer. 3M and Tennant randomly selected St. Joseph Hospital from a pool of entries to receive the award.

“To win the Tennant machine was like winning a million dollars in the lottery, I mean it was just fantastic! The hospital has had an automatic floor scrubber on our wish list for a while, but we were never able to afford it. All the employees are extremely excited,” said Daniel Ratliff, director of environmental services with St. Joseph Hospital. “I think our employees are going to be able to do two to three times the amount of work that they were doing before, which is just great. The Tennant machine is going to save us a lot of time and help us cover more area each day. Other staff can then be utilized to strip and wax and buff patient rooms.”

The state-of-the-art Tennant T7 Micro-rider Scrubber-Dryer features chemical-free and environmentally safe electrically converted water technology (ec-H20 technology from Tennant). The ec-H20 technology electrically charges tap water so that it performs like a general purpose detergent. Ec-H20 machines use no chemicals and less water and therefore help provide health and safety benefits that simplify the cleaning process and enhance productivity.

“We valued the opportunity to partner with 3M in a space where we have common end-users and distributors in order to show the strength and innovation of both our brands,” said Kim Swatosch, senior marketing manager with Tennant Company. “Tennant has high quality machines and 3M offers high quality floor pads; combining 3M and Tennant technology allows us to supply customers the best possible solution, which is a high quality, environmentally friendly product that is going to last a long time.”

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