Clean Spills With The Wic-Dry Spill Master

Liquid evacuation device cleans, sanitizes, and dries the spill area in seconds

The Spill Master™ from Wic-Dry Technologies is a spill and liquid evacuation Wic-Vac™ device for cleaning up liquid spills in areas such as restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, factories, and hospitals. Using patent pending technology it can clean spills while leaving the area clear, sanitized, and dry in seconds.clean spills

Traditional methods of using a mop and bucket or wet-vac to clean spills can cause more harm than good; the liquid can spread out, creating a greater hazard area, which can lead to slip and fall incidents and cross contamination. Wic-Dry technology evacuates up all types of liquid spills—including higher viscosity substances like shampoos, motor oil, and paints—and deposits the waste in self-contained reservoirs so there is no spread of the hazard or cross contamination of the spill substance. Depending on the contents, the spill may be poured down a sink, drain, or disposed of as per facility protocol.

Manufactured in the U.S., the Spill Master is built to commercial standards and can run continuously for up to two hours on a single charge of its rechargeable lithium ion battery (four hours with extra battery). It weighs 6.5 pounds for easy portability, is quiet (33dBA), and self-sanitizes to keep the unit clean and ready for use at all times.

The Spill Master™ Pro-EC and Pro-RB are also available. Evacuated liquids can be drained at the rate of 3.5 gallons/min into any bucket, drain, sink, or optional one gallon reservoir.

The Spill Master Pro-EC comes with a power cord for continuous run time, weighs 10 pounds, and can empty aquatic tanks, small pools, and fountains.

The Spill Master Pro-RB has a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for up to 1.5 hours of continuous run time, weighs 13 pounds, and is suitable for placing on a cleaning cart when moving from one area to another.

The Spill Master has several attachments to evacuate wet areas caused by spills, leaks, or floods from broken pipes, toilet overflows, or rain storms. These include an 8″ drain hose with clamp (clamps to any bucket for larger capacity), a hand set (evacuates liquid off tables), a spill pan (evacuates oils, paints, liquid soap, etc.), and a one gallon reservoir (for larger spills).

The Spill Master reduces chemical use and water consumption, provides for safe touch-free cleanup of broken glass containers and their contents; and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.