CleanTelligent Business Intelligence Software

Provides real-time insights about how well your company is performing

Business Intelligence (BI) from CleanTelligent® is a tool for simplifying the process of data collection and review so that critical information can more quickly be presented to decision makers. Infographics, charts, and graphs are used to bring together many areas of data into one place. Some of these areas include: service locations, performance patterns, and the number of performed inspections.

business intelligenceBI dashboards are designed to simplify and speed up the collection and analysis of data to help building service contractors make smarter, data-driven decisions. The dashboards, available through the CleanTelligent web app, present the most important data points from previous site inspections, helping retain clients and be more competitive.

“This data analysis, with easy-to-read, dynamic charts [and] drilling and filtering capabilities, will help users find areas of their company that need attention,” said CleanTelligent Developer Colin Childs. “It will help them know what is working well and what needs improvement.”

CleanTelligent is quality control and janitorial software created to simplify the lives of building service contractors and facility managers. Inspections, work orders, reports, and client communication are among the many solutions available in CleanTelligent. This “software as a service” (SaaS) is cloud-based so users access it through a web browser and do not need to download a program to their computers (a desktop icon is available for users who prefer access from their desktop). Users with Apple and Android devices may download the free mobile app to access inspections and work orders. All updates and improvements to CleanTelligent are automatically available to every user.

Business Intelligence puts actionable data at user fingertips after logging into the system. The dashboards will help users increase productivity by viewing their most important inspections and work order data up front and retain more clients and employees by finding problem areas more quickly. Users will be empowered to know which accounts need most of their attention instead of being blindsided by a lost account.

Users can filter for the dashboards they want to focus on and drill down to learn additional information about clients, service locations, area scores, and more. Dashboard information or individual reports can be exported to PDF format as well.

“Some reports can seem too abstract to interpret, reducing the ability to act on key metrics,” said Daphne Lefran of True Sky, a budgeting and forecasting software. “BI systems offer visualization tools to provide a better understanding of historical data, real-time updates, forecasts, and trends.”