ClearPathGPS Integrated Fleet Dashcam

Owlcam smart video enabled telematics provide evidence to exonerate innocent drivers

ClearPathGPS announced it is introducing a fully integrated fleet dashcam solution from Owlcam, which adds video telematics to their robust fleet tracking solution.

dashcamAccording to the American Trucking Association, passenger vehicles are at fault in 85% of truck-passenger accidents and without exonerating video evidence, commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed. By adding dashcam hardware like Owlcam and a media management interface to its GPS tracking platform, ClearPathGPS has made it possible for fleets to capture the video evidence they need to protect their business.

“HD, wide-angle road, and driver-facing video is vital to help fleet managers mitigate risk, improve driver safety through coaching, and protect their company’s reputations in the communities they serve,” said Steve Wells, Co-Founder of ClearPathGPS. “Tamper-proof driver and road facing footage provides indisputable evidence of an event or accident, exonerates innocent drivers, and enhances visibility into risky driver behaviors. This data can lead to often significant auto insurance rate reductions and improved driver behavior—both of which have significant ROI for fleet businesses.”

ClearPath’s dashcam solution from Owlcam also detects impact or broken glass events when the vehicle is off and the footage cannot be tampered with because there is no SD card. The device stores up to 100 hours of drive-time video storage and the video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of proof in the event of a claim. The media manager can request 20 second video clips from within the portal and then store the clip for 30 days or downloaded locally for sharing or storing. Event snapshots can be sent by the driver to the portal by saying, “OK, Presto”, and can be remotely viewed immediately by the fleet manager.

4G LTE connectivity allows for uploading critical clips to the cloud powered network and remote viewing even when the vehicle is off.

Owlcam makes smart video actionable for fleet managers by stopping break-ins and catching thieves, providing verifiable video evidence to police and insurers, and keeping drivers safe in the event of an accident.