CLXB Outdoor Lighting Bollard

Standalone bollard for high traffic areas

The CLXB Bollard from Sun Valley Lighting is a standalone outdoor lighting bollard. Available with LED or HID lamp sources, it is a practical solution for high traffic public areas.outdoor lighting bollard

The CLXB Bollard measures 42″ H x 16″ W and has a housing fabricated from corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .125″ to withstand various environmental conditions. The top cap and vertical support flanges are of cast aluminum (A356 alloy; <0.2% copper) construction for durability. The base plate cover is spun aluminum. The outdoor lighting bollard is finished with an electrostatically applied TGIC polyester powder-coat in black, white, grey, dark bronze, or green. Custom colors are available.

outdoor lighting bollardThe CLXB features a range of optics, including internal louver, prismatic glass, and opal acrylic. The internal specular louver stack conceals the inner lamp module and provides uplight and glare control though an external clear polycarbonate lens. The prismatic glass refractor (Type III and Type V) is surrounded by a clear polycarbonate lens and is offered with HIDs only. The opal polycarbonate lens diffuses the light source, protects the internal lamp or LED Power Array Module (with opal diffuse lenses), and provides uniform illumination.

LED arrays for the CLXB fixture are available in 24LED (28 watts) or 36LED (42 watt) with 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures. HID is offered in 35HPS, 42CFL, 50 and 50T, and 70 and 70T. All HID lamps are medium base (E26) or Bi-pin Base (G12).

The UL and cUL recognized high power factor, constant current LED drivers operate on input voltages from 120VAC to 277VAC, 50/60hz and are mechanically fastened to a retaining bracket. A 347V option may utilize a step down transformer to the LED driver. The driver has a minimum 4KV of internal surge protection. Dimming and high-low driver options are available. 10KV and 20KV surge protectors are optional.

The CLXB’s three-dimensional power array consists of six individual LED tubes fastened to a retaining plate equally spaced to provide 360° of even illumination output. Each LED tube consists of a circuit board populated with multiple LEDs fastened to a radial aluminum heat sink. A white polycarbonate lens and end caps protect each LED tube’s internal components and provides diffusion to prevent shadowing and striations.

All electrical components of the CLXB outdoor lighting bollard are UL and cUL recognized. They are mounted on a single plate and factory prewired with quick-disconnect plugs. Electronic metal halide (MH) ballasts have a power factor >.95 (35/39 watts to 100 watts), 120V to 277V, and lamp end-of-life protection. The 347V option utilizes a step down transformer to the electronic ballast. Magnetic MH ballasts are high power factor (35/39 watts to 100 watts), multi-tap 120V to 277V, 60Hz. All HPS (high pressure sodium) ballasts are core and coil, high-reactance, and high power factor (35/39 watts to 100 watts). Electronic CFL ballasts are high power factor with 120 to 277 voltage sensing. A GX24-q4 socket is supplied for all 18 watt to 42 watt triple tube lamps.