CM-RX-90 Advanced Single Relay Receiver From Camden Door Controls

Camden Door Controls, provider of door activation and locking devices, has introduced its new CM-RX-90 advanced single relay receiver. CM-RX-90 has three operating modes – Delayed (1 – 15 Seconds); No Delay (1 – 30 Seconds), and Latching, making it an ideal solution for most wireless door activation projects, including control of two automatic doors in vestibule applications.

Camden Door ControlsFeatures include 40 Transmitter capacity (either delayed, non-delayed or both), a Form ‘C’ Relay Output, and 12/24V AC/DC operation. The CM-RX-90 also features visual relay status, 40 transmitter capacity and easy transmitter enrollment with push-and-learn technology.

Camden’s Lazerpoint™ RF wireless door activation system is the professional’s choice, and the first wireless system specifically designed to address the specific needs of the Automatic Door industry. Unlike fixed frequency wireless systems, Camden’s Lazerpoint™ wireless system is a 915 MHz ‘frequency hopping’ system that is resistant to EMI and building material interference – insuring a reliable wireless installation every time. A number of Camden wireless receiver models are offered, including Camden’s new CM-RX-90 receiver, which has more features and a smaller design – at a lower cost.

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