Collections Infinies By Tarkett

Collections Infinies is the newest luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collection from Tarkett to use state-of-the-art digital printing technology to create a customizable experience. Through the use of a proprietary co-creation tool, Collections Infinies allows customers to customize their own LVT. This innovative design process is unique and new to the category of LVT.

luxury vinyl tile
“Trans-Materia” from Suzanne Tick

luxury vinyl tile
“Crystal” from DB Kim

luxury vinyl tile
“Glow” from Krista Ninivaggi

luxury vinyl tile
Riot” from Georgianna Stout

Through Collections Infinies, customers collaborate with renowned artists including Suzanne Tick of Suzanne Tick Inc., Krista Ninivaggi of K&CO, DB Kim, 2×4 and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh, to create personalized designs suited for commercial spaces. However, perhaps most unique to this collection is its co-creation capabilities. While Collections Infinies leverages breakthrough technology, it also allows customers and designers the opportunity to connect through the Collections Infinies Visualizer. This tool shifts design ownership to end users who can modify their preferred Collections Infinies design through a few simple steps.

First, end users must first select their favorite artist and design with whom they will create their own LVT. Options include:

  • “Trans-Materia” from Suzanne Tick, of Suzanne Tick Inc.
  • “Glow” from Krista Ninivaggi, of K&CO
  • “Riot” from Georgianna Stout, of 2×4
  • “Crystal” from DB Kim

Once end users have selected the design, they move on to choose specific colors (from a pre-determined palette) that will be filtered throughout the layers of the LVT design to be provided with a creation all their own. This process, as well as its final products, embodies Collections Infinies’ flexibility and adaptability to provide shared control. This pioneering co-creation technology also opens the horizons to mass customization.

Tarkett launched Collections Infinies predecessor, Collections Privées, in 1999. This original collection served as the inspiration for Collections Infinies and brought the marriage of creativity and innovation together through custom soft surface printing. Collections Privées’ flooring solutions, which blazed the trail for future designs, also ensured artists could create without rules.

In 2015, Tarkett elected to revisit the concept of Collections Privées through Collections Infinies. Tarkett will introduce four Collections Infinies designs at NeoCon 2016 including creations by Suzanne Tick, Krista Ninivaggi, 2×4 and DB Kim. A fifth design will be introduced from Stefan Sagmeister in fall 2016.