Comcast’s MachineQ to Power GP PRO’s KOLO Smart Bathroom Solution

Standards-based LoRaWAN® IoT platform supports the KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System in helping to improve cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency in smart buildings.

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, announced that GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, has expanded from its existing proprietary network and will now deliver its KOLO Smart Monitoring System to a wide range of facilities to create a smart bathroom solution using MachineQ’s IoT network connectivity platform.

GP PRO KOLO Smart Bathroom SolutionDesigned for high-traffic facilities such as airports, shopping centers, stadiums, schools, or other large buildings with public restrooms, the KOLO Smart Monitoring System is an IoT-enabled solution for data-driven cleaning and maintenance for custodial staffs. The KOLO system automates restroom device monitoring and management to help improve hygiene, patron satisfaction, and custodial efficiency.

This sensing technology generates and analyzes important usage data to boost custodial efficiency while helping to reduce outages and waste, benefits that are especially important due to ongoing labor shortages. Using the system, organizations can be more proactive in providing well-maintained and well-stocked bathroom environments, especially during the COVID-19 era when patrons have increased their awareness of and desire for improved facility cleanliness and maintenance.

With MachineQ’s IoT platform, KOLO system customers can now benefit from an enterprise-grade network infrastructure, advanced integration capabilities, and the ability to scale as needed to respond to increased need, further increasing value with a LoRaWAN network that can scale additional use cases and interoperate more easily with other networks.

The relationship with GP PRO enables MachineQ to offer enterprise customers a new smart bathroom solution to improve facilities monitoring and management, provide a better experience for people, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

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