Comfy | Enlighted Launches Flexible Spaces 2.0

Upgrade offers enhancements to both the employee experience as well as space management capabilities.

Comfy | Enlighted, a provider of intelligent and sustainable workspace solutions, has launched Flexible Spaces 2.0. The enhanced application expands Flexible Spaces’ functionality with ways to establish team neighborhoods and provide more detailed employee preference insights. The new capabilities help companies foster better collaboration and bring their employees back to a safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective hybrid office environment.

Flexible Spaces 2.0“With the nature of work and the function of the workspace transformed due to COVID, SAP is excited to continue partnering with Comfy on workplace solutions that help organizations navigate a post-COVID work environment while elevating employee experiences,” said Marco Hofmann, Head of LoB Real Estate, SAP. “The partnership brings together Comfy’s comprehensive platform that empowers employees with greater choice and control, as well as SAP’s capabilities to provide real-time, behavior-based insight into how to optimize space utilization for evolving needs and work styles. Together, our solutions provide a precise view into employee preferences and space usage to inform workspace redesign.”

Building upon Flexible Spaces 1.0 core capabilities — workspace reservations, wayfinding, coworker location, and communication — Flexible Spaces 2.0 introduces new features that foster activity-based working with colleagues and optimize available office space through data- and analytics-based workspace design.

  • Neighborhoods: Space managers will now have the tools needed to create Neighborhoods that foster collaboration, maximize utilization, and create spaces that enable employees to do their best work. Desks and other spaces can be grouped into neighborhoods. These collections of reservable seats are then assigned to functional teams, creating greater opportunities for group-based activities and ‘casual collisions’ at work.
  • In-App Check-In: To increase utilization of available space, space managers can now enable in-app check-in, which makes previously reserved space available if the employee that reserved it doesn’t use it, freeing the space for new reservations.
  • Space Traits: A new feature, Space Traits will allow tagging of traits or characteristics to desks, rooms, and spaces to help employees select the right space to meet their needs. This stored data will enable administrators to track how employee preferences change over time and inform their space design strategies.
  • Insights Access: With Flexible Spaces 2.0 comes the ability to extract time-series utilization and occupancy data via Insights Access, Comfy’s API for Workplace Data. These outbound data APIs make it seamless to analyze both employees’ intentions to use office space – via reservation data – as well as actual employee behavior via sensor or wifi data. With Insights Access, Comfy data (including Space Traits) can be easily combined with other sources to analyze utilization across a portfolio of buildings, space costs by department, employee preferences, sentiment, and more.

“Through global enterprise rollouts of our Flexible Spaces offering, launched in 2020, we have a deep understanding of the workflows needed to orchestrate a seamless hybrid working model,” said Franco Castaldini, Chief of Product, Comfy | Enlighted. “Flexible Spaces 2.0 builds on our best-in-class workplace solution, making it easier for employees to connect with each other and with their physical offices. It also provides companies with a new level of detailed insights on space usage — down to the desk, lighting, and space type — not yet seen before.”

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