Command Centre v7.40 by Gallagher

Command Centre v7.40 by Gallagher is an update to the Gallagher Command Centre, a complete, scalable security solution. It offers a range of new features that improve operational efficiency, enhance the user experience, and enable new products.scalable security

The Gallagher Command Centre leverages client server architecture with server options based on the number of doors controlled (from zero to an unlimited number). System operators can configure the site and all system components for scalable security. They can also manage cardholders (e.g., their access, cards, and photo ID); monitor and control alarms; retrieve and report on stored system information; and interface to, and exchange information with, third-party systems.

The Command Centre Mobile App allows guards to manage alarms and perform common overrides remotely. Configuration wizards and templates help with installation and site maintenance. Integrated site plans are a graphical representation of the site and reflect the real-time status of items. Multi-server architecture delivers cross-operational cover by configuring a site to control and monitor other sites.

scalable securityThe Gallagher Command Centre provides comprehensive searching and reporting. It also features integration with visitor management self-registration kiosks; operator privileges to control who can view and edit information; system division allowing the system to be segmented for management and monitoring purposes; cardholder import for sharing data with other people management systems (for a single source of data entry and maintenance); and integration support for imaging, elevator, and digital intercom systems.

Command Centre v7.40 improvements include First Card Unlock, a scheduling function which prevents a user’s site switching to free-access mode until a privileged cardholder accesses the site. In addition, operators can now track and report on card states (e.g., how many cards are being re-issued to a user, and why), inspect cardholder identity data, and manually search with iPhones, or use automatic scanning with the Gallagher Mobile Reader.

Command Centre v7.40 offers customizable invitation e-mails with QR codes generated automatically and a barcode scanning option on the kiosk, speeding up entry and exit. It also provides a new release of T20 software for perimeter management and additional alarms features. These include arming and disarming zones; acknowledging alarms; fence zone lockout for maintenance; displaying fence voltage, battery voltage, and fence controller temperature; control outputs to manage building facilities; custom background images when in idle mode; and scheduled or manual input testing.