Compulocks BlackShield Device Security

Tinted screen protectors offer the ultimate privacy for cell phone users

BlackShield from Compulocks provides device security with a 180° anti-spy concealment Screen. This premium quality privacy screen protector allows users to safeguard private or otherwise sensitive information. It guarantees that only the direct user can view the screen when browsing a mobile device.device security

BlackShield is currently available for iPhone 5, 6, 7, and 7+, and Galaxy versions are expected in the coming months. The Privacy Screen Protector has an optical anti-spy privacy filter, which is increasingly more important given the expanded use of mobile devices in information sensitive situations. This level of screen discretion will imminently be a requirement for industries that have embraced smartphones as the do-all tool for their employees.

The New York Police Department is deploying iPhones to their officers to improve functionality as officers can respond to scenes much quicker than relying on the traditional radio. While on the scene, officers can also use the iPhone to perform criminal background checks, view surveillance video and images, and fill out reports—all actions that require the ultimate in privacy. Cops are given the option of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ along with handsets.

As expected with high-grade screen protectors, BlackShield is Japanese tempered glass which preserves crystal clear imagery and is 3D touch compatible with full screen coverage. It is 0.3mm thick and carries a 9H hardness rating for maximum protection from breaks, scratches, and impacts. The device security product also has a specialized Nano coating layer to repel fingerprints and oily residue.

BlackShield Privacy Screen Protector is the ultimate solution to maintain the discretion of your smartphone screen when you are in a public area, such as a bus, train, airplane, or even walking down the street. It includes a premium privacy glass screen shield, installation kit, and microfiber screen wipe.