Concrete Flooring by Concreate

Concrete Flooring by Concreate® is plank flooring that provides the performance of decorative concrete without the cost or complications of pouring a slab. The finish shows the irregularities and characteristics of a typical polished concrete floor while mineral composition of the planks makes them environmentally sound to reproduce and recycle.

concrete flooringConcrete Flooring consists of a polished concrete floor panel system that glues on to a new or retrofit construction. It is composed of a base layer, top layer, and oil finish.

The 3/8″ thick Concrete Flooring base layer is specially formulated hydraulic cement mixed with recycled fibers. This proprietary substrate consumes 50% less manufacturing energy than portland cement and produces less CO2. The top layer is a 1/8″ thick proprietary blend of portland cement, select fine aggregate, admixtures, recycled fibers, and fade resistant pigments. The finish is three coats of high solids, natural, plant-based oils that increase luster, durability, and stain.

Concrete Flooring planks are ready for installation straight out-of-the-box. They are durable on the surface with a soft texture underfoot. They are also water resistant and have built-in acoustic properties. Further, the non-combustible and Class A fire-rated planks feature thermal properties to store passive heat during the winter and transmit under-floor heating into a room.

concrete flooringConcrete Flooring is installed using a one-component, silyl-modified polymer SMP adhesive, which is made with recycled rubber granules. This helps increase strength, elasticity, and noise and vibration dampening. The adhesive complies with EN 14293 (Adhesives for Bonding Parquet to Subfloor) and has a VOC content of 64 g/l in accordance with EPA Method 24. Both planks and adhesive are Greenleaf certified for low VOCs.

Concrete Flooring panels measure 47¼” L x 11¾” W x ½” H and weigh 3.70 pounds per square foot. They are finished in stain-resistant, slip-resistant burnished concrete in three colors: Natural Gray, Dark Gray, and Mineral White. The planks hinge to each other using a tongue and groove system. Micro-beveled edges offer ease of cleaning and visual appeal.

The low-maintenance Concrete Flooring needs daily removal of loose dirt and debris. It also requires weekly cleaning with a mild cleanser and monthly mopping with natural oil sealer. No stripping, waxing, or harsh chemicals are necessary.