New Product Flash: Restroom System from Tooshlights

Tooshlights is an automated, wireless lighting system for restrooms that enables facility patrons to see from a distance which restroom stalls are occupied and which are available. When a person closes the system’s latch inside a stall, this signals an overhead light on the outside of the stall to switch from green to red, displaying that it is occupied. Tooshlights has developed a patent-pending universal door lock with an infrared-sensor system that signals the overhead LED lights to change colors once the door is locked. logo-new-product-flash

tooshlights-restroomWith this system, other patrons are spared the time and trouble of walking through restrooms to see which stalls are unoccupied. Handicapped stalls feature a blue light to make them more apparent to patrons. Stadiums, concert halls, hotels, and other large facilities are ideal settings for Tooshlights, but smaller locations can also increase convenience and safety for occupants by installing the system.

Tooshlights can be installed on a variety of restroom stall types: ceiling hung partitions, overhead braced partitions, and floor supported partitions, in corner layout, between walls layout, freestanding layout, alcove layout, or handicap layout.

Under development is Tooshlights Mobile Solution, a web-based app that can be downloaded on a patron’s smartphones or accessed from a web browser. Users can open the app, enter where they are located (e.g. seat number), and find out where the closest available restroom stall is located. The app will be available through each venue’s website and not tied to any particular mobile platform, which ensures maximum accessibility for all patrons. It is free to end-users and paid for by venue owners.