Cool Air Products Announces Line of Purifying ‘Tabs’

Tabs were created to clean and purify AC evaporator and condenser coils and are available in three distinct types.

Tabs are the latest in a long line of innovations from Cool Air Products and are available in three distinct types: Acid, Alkaline, and Evo. Created to clean and purify AC evaporator and condenser coils, Tabs are small and easy to store, produce no waste, never expire, and can save building owners thousands of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs.

Cool Air Products
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“Our focus is always on the needs of the professional HVAC contractors, with each of our products serving a specific need,” stated Cool Air Products President Mike Walton. “Our Tabs were designed to make what is usually a dirty, tedious process much more simple and easy. The benefits are a cleaner van, less storage space, and a cost effective strong cleaning product.”

Tabs is a concentrated solution in tablet form that creates a volume of properly balanced cleaning solution when added to a gallon of water. A single one ounce tablet of Tabs is usually enough to tackle most evaporator coil cleaning jobs. And due to their compact size, Cool Air Tabs:

  • Require less storage space in service vehicles.
  • Require less warehouse and shelf space for wholesalers.
  • Have an almost infinite shelf life.
  • Produce no hazardous waste.
  • Are eco-friendly.

Using Tabs is easy. After removing a tablet from the blister pack, place it in one gallon of clean water which is stored in a proper container. Tabs will dissolve in as fast as 10 minutes depending on the heat of the water. Once the tablet is completely dissolved in the water, cover the container, shake gently, then spray an amount of cleanser (depending on the level of dirt buildup) on the surface of the coils. Wait five minutes, then rinse with clean, pure water when using the Alkaline or Acid Tabs.

Acid Tabs have a significant degreasing and descaling power and can easily be dissolved in any type of water, hard or soft. The Acid Tabs formula eliminates calcareous excess and does not leave halos behind after their use.

Cool Air Products
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Alkaline Tabs are both a degreaser and purifier, while also containing a pleasant smell to make the cleaning job more appealing. Alkaline Tabs can be dissolved in any type of water, hard or soft, and can handle any volume of calcareous excess. They do not leave a halo behind after their use.

And finally, the Evo Tabs are both degreasing and purifying, intended for a variety of cleaning jobs. Evo Tabs can be dissolved in hard or soft water and they eliminate calcareous build-up without leaving behind a film or irritating halo. Rinsing is not necessary with Evo Tabs, as they release a pleasant scent into the air after cleaning.