Copeland Introduces Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

The White-Rogers universal HSI module is compatible with existing HSI systems and meant to streamline inventory by replacing 325 part numbers.


Copeland White-Rogers 50E47U-843 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module
Copeland White-Rogers 50E47U-843 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

Copeland debuted its White-Rogers 50E47U-843 universal hot surface ignition (HSI) module, a control that is designed for compatibility with existing HSI systems.

The product offers combustion blower and pressure switch functionality, as well as 24, 120, or 240-volt ignitor capability, and has a real-time flame current display. This design and features are meant to allow contractors to streamline inventory as they collectively replace over 325 part numbers across common applications, including pool heaters, water heaters, gas furnaces, boilers, cooking and laundry equipment. A simple-install harness allows for transferring wiring connections before removing the existing module.

The control is equipped with near field communication (NFC), which enables a wireless connection between the control and a mobile device. The module can be configured without power before installation using the White-Rogers Connect mobile app. The mobile Auto-Set feature allows users to enter the replacement part number to configure to preloaded OEM settings. Once installed, the app provides fault codes with troubleshooting tips for quick and accurate diagnostics without having to count on flashing LEDs.

The universal hot surface ignition module is the latest in a growing portfolio of universal part offerings as part of a push to enable technicians to stock fewer parts and less gear when working in the field without sacrificing ability and efficiency.

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