Cortec Unveils EcoEmitter For Corrosion Protection

EcoEmitter by Cortec is an excellent multi-metal corrosion protection product that works in all commercial spaces.

ecoemitterComing from Cortec’s EcoEarth line, the EcoEmitter® is a specially engineered device designed to provide corrosion protection for very sensitive assets such as electronic and optical equipment and components. Each EcoEmitter will protect volumes up to 0.25 m3 (8.8 ft³). Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors emit from the device and saturate the enclosure via diffusion, filling all void spaces and recessed areas with protective vapor molecules. These molecules are attracted to and adsorb onto metallic surfaces, resulting in the formation of nanofilms, very thin microscopic molecular layers of corrosion protection. The nanofilms formed do not adversely affect or alter the appearance, conductivity, or optical functionality of the components protected. Similar to VpCI-105 and VpCI-111 Emitters, the EcoEmitter was carefully designed to include biobased content as an environmentally responsible option aimed at sustainability. The polymeric cup made from 60-80% biobased resins replaces polyethylene and contains corrosion inhibiting powder that releases protective vapors through a breathable 70% biobased membrane. This easy to install device is designed to provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in non-ventilated cabinets and tool or control boxes.

Corrosion of complex electronic and electrical equipment is an increasingly serious problem that triggers expensive failures during manufacturing, shipping, storage, or field operations. It can be caused by numerous factors such as salt, humidity, moisture, contaminants, etc. Cortec designs and manufactures a wide range of VpCI Emitters to suit a number of applications. They are installed in small, enclosed areas with little or no ventilation such as electronic cabinets, controller panels, and junction boxes. Among the most popular VpCI Emitters provided by Cortec are VpCI-105 and VpCI-111. VpCI-105 Emitters powered by VpCI are compact, space-saving, high-tech systems. They provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts in enclosed spaces up to 142 L (5 ft³). For larger volumes, more than one device can be used. By using a small device, corrosion can be stopped at any step from manufacturing to final installation.

EcoSonic VpCI-105 has a breathable membrane through which the corrosion inhibitor is released. It provides long-term protection against corrosion even in the presence of adverse conditions including salt, moisture, airborne contaminants, H2S, SO2, NH3, and others. VpCI-111 Emitters are designed to provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in non-ventilated control boxes, cabinets, or toolboxes up to 312 L (11 ft³). Both Emitters are very effective in polluted and humid environments and provide continuous protection for up to 24 months. They do not interfere with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface properties and are very simple and quick to install and protect during operation and shutdown. Products are free of nitrites, halogens, and phosphates.

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