Course Created to Help Employers Prepare for Electronic Discovery Rules

Interactive Employment Training Inc. (IET) and LitigationProofing, LLC have released Think Before You Send: A Practical Guide to E-Mail in the Workplace. The course helps employees avoid the e-mail miscues that may lead to financial losses, bruised reputations, and employment terminations. The course was authored by three nationally recognized litigators who believe e-mail risk management is now a necessity.

The online training course comes at a critical juncture. Under new electronic discovery rules–approved April 12 by the U.S. Supreme Court–millions of e-mails will routinely be analyzed by lawyers seeking ammunition in court battles.

“As an employment lawyer, I have witnessed firsthand what can happen when employees click ‘send’ without thinking. We built this course because workplace e-mail servers are now transparent in litigation and inappropriate e-mails will become discovered on a more frequent basis. Good corporate governance now mandates training employees about the appropriate use of e-mail,” says Robert D. Lipman, Esq., president of IET.

In about 35 minutes, the course teaches the importance of regarding each e-mail as a permanent document and then presents compelling scenarios of common mistakes such as inappropriate personal use of corporate systems and ill-advised attempts at humor over difficult business decisions. “No senior executive with responsibility for litigation risk avoidance should pass up the opportunity to deliver this education to all employees who have access to company e-mail,” says former Merrill Lynch litigation manager and president of LitigationProofing, LLC, Eric M. Rosenberg, Esq.