COVID-19 Protective Barriers From United Industries UltraBoard

Featuring an all-plastic foam board frame with rigid film windows, UltraBoard's protective barriers offer a cost-effective approach to prevention.

United Industries UltraBoard, a U.S. based manufacturer of foam core boards, has launched a complete line of COVID-19 preventative barrier aids for schools and other public spaces where social distancing barriers can aid in preventing transmission. Primarily a manufacturer and supplier for the sign industry, UltraBoard experienced a downturn in manufacturing due to close parallels with U.S. retail industry performance.

“In an effort to sustain business and retain our employees’ jobs, we had to pivot our game plan,” stated Mark Ferm, CEO of UltraBoard.

protective barriers

OSHA’s guide for preparing businesses for COVID-19 has recommended that spaces with medium exposure risk to COVID-19 may install physical barriers or plastic sneeze guards to help aid in the prevention of transmission.

The current health crisis has rapidly depleted resources in clear plastics and acrylics that are used to manufacture many COVID-19 barriers. Due to high demand, acrylic prices have greatly increased within the shield market. UltraBoard’s barrier shield solutions offer a more cost-effective approach as they feature an all-plastic foam board frame with rigid film windows. UltraBoard Barriers are an excellent alternative to acrylic barriers for large deployments, and are easily sanitized and reused. The barriers are constructed of UltraBoard’s flagship foam board product, UltraBoard Classic.

UltraBoard’s manufacturing plant produces tons of foam board annually. Having plenty of supply stock in its warehouse locations, UltraBoard is able to provide a massive-scale solution for supplying schools, gyms, salons, and other public spaces. Utilizing foam boards and a rigid clear film window, UltraBoard has produced an affordable and easily-deployable COVID-19 preventative aid.

UltraBoard offers several different types of COVID barriers suited to the different spaces where transmission may occur. The following styles are currently available:

  • The Barrier Micro for schools, educational institutions, and public spaces.
  • The 3-window Barrier Trio for schools, educational institutions, and public spaces.
  • The Barrier MAX panels for large spaces like salons, gyms, or museums.
  • The Barrier Stand for retail spaces including cash registers or food service.

Learn more about UltraBoard’s Barrier solutions here.

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