Crafty High Schoolers’ Duct Tape Prom Outfits Nab College Scholarships

Two Grand Prize Winners were each awarded $10,000 college scholarships in Duck brand's 22nd Annual Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.

It’s no secret that duct tape has been credited with a myriad of solutions to pesky problems in the home or workplace, from removing sticker goo and patching holes, to sealing cracks and removing warts. But once a year, it’s also used by creative teens to fashion outfits for the prom and win scholarships. This year’s winners were announced earlier this week, and the two imaginative teens will each take home $10,000 college scholarships for crafting their dazzling Duck Tape® attire

After tallying the public’s votes, Duck® brand crowned the Grand Prize winners in the 22nd Annual Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest: Grace Vaughn of Trinity, Florida, takes the prize for Best Dress and Chidinma Onwuliri of Mississauga, Ontario, wins Best Tux.

Vaughn caught the public’s eye with her Yin and Yang-inspired dress, while Onwuliri stood out from the crowd with her pink tux featuring an oversized back bow. Vaughn and Onwuliri each will be awarded $10,000 cash college scholarships to help jumpstart their future paths.

“Each of our contestants had a special story to tell this year, from hoping to empower others with their designs to pushing their artistic abilities to the limit, and they should all be very proud of their Duck Tape® looks,” said Ashley Luke, senior product manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets the Duck® brand. “We congratulate Grace, Chidinma and all of our participants for making masterpieces that show the world what can be achieved with some creativity and originality.”

2022 Stuck at Prom® Grand Prize Dress Winner: Grace Vaughn

Duct Tape Prom college scholarships

Vaughn spent 143 hours designing her dress (at right) with 45 Duck Tape® rolls. Inspired by the Yin and Yang symbol, the opposing black and white sides to her dress represent the helpful habits, such as yoga and meditation, she incorporates into her life to achieve balance while living with an auditory processing disability.

“Ever since I was young, I have loved the idea of showing who we are on the inside with what we wear on the outside,” Vaughn said of her design. “Clothing has the ability to transform how we feel and also influence how we make others feel. I have always aspired to pursue a career in fashion and hope this can be the start of something big.”

2022 Stuck at Prom® Grand Prize Tux Winner: Chidinma Onwuliri

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Onwuliri spent 30 hours and used 12 Duck Tape® rolls to craft her pink suit (at right). Growing up with an older brother, Onwuliri naturally became a tomboy, but for her entry she wanted to showcase the beauty masculinity and femininity have when combined together.

“I couldn’t leave my spontaneous tomboy side out of my piece, so I decided to make a suit instead of a dress,” Onwuliri said of her design. “I am truly happy for the opportunity to present this piece to the world as well as the message I wish to share through it.”

In addition to Vaughn and Onwuliri, eight runners-up each will receive $500 scholarships and Duck® brand prize packs worth $100. Finalists include: Elise Villarreal of Mattawan, MI; Elizabeth Delli of Highland Park, IL; Avalon Hagerman of Waterloo, Ontario; Mady Bischoff of Temperance, MI; Nathan Elias of San Antonio, TX; Adrienne Flowers of Gulf Breeze, FL; Kaleb Burch of New Braunfels, TX; and Colten Nichols of Van Buren, AR.

You can view a gallery of all this year’s amazing entries here.