Crossville Updates Porcelain Tile Collection

Concrete inspired Color Blox 2.0 is a fresh faced enhancement to the original Color Blox line

Color Blox 2.0 from Crossville, Inc. is a porcelain tile collection. This concrete-inspired line is a new generation of the brand’s Color Blox collection and brings a modern sensibility with warmer, on-trend neutrals, as well as fresh blues and greens. Colors that are returning for the original collection are enhanced with an updated facing, enlivening the look all around.porcelain tile

Notably, Color Blox 2.0 offers a spectrum of 15 hues. The contemporary palette includes Sandbox, Slinky, Mud Pie, Sea Otter, Tree House, Blue Suede Shoes, I See the Moon, Cotton Sheets, Boot Black, Wet Clay, Spring Sage, Celestial Horizon, Just Ducky, Cayenne, and Little Boy Blue. The colors can stand alone to create monochromatic looks or be mixed and mingled for an array of patterns and colorful installation designs. A Cross-Sheen® finish imparts a subtle glow to an unpolished surface that enhances color and allows scuffs, stains, and even permanent marker and graffiti to be easily removed. Unpolished with Cross-Sheen® finish is appropriate for high-traffic interior floors and walls where low maintenance is desired.

porcelain tile“Contemporary colors are the foundation our reimagined Color Blox 2.0 collection. We’ve dialed up the warmth of the palette, given nod to biophilic design with fresh green and blues, and brightened the white to invite crisp contrasts,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville VP of marketing. “With so many colors, as well as more size options, we’re bringing more creative choices for designers to achieve incredible results.”

Porcelain TileColor Blox 2.0’s generous field tile size offerings are all calibrated to coordinate with one another, extending the installation possibilities: 4″x12″, 6″x6″, 12″x12″, 12″x24″, and 24″x24″. Custom creations can be finished with 3″x3″ mosaics and trims, including cove bases, bull noses, and corners.

Color Blox 2.0 features a breaking strength of 500 lbf per ASTM C648, bond strength greater than 200 psi per ASTM C482, water absorption less than 20% per ASTM C373, and scratch hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The porcelain tile collection is also chemical resistant per AMC650 and frost resistant per AMC1026.Porcelain Tile

Responsibly made in the U.S., Color Blox 2.0 is Green Square Certified for interior walls and floors or exterior walls. The line is covered by Crossville’s porcelain tile EPD, HPD, Declare Label, and sustainability report—all of which can contribute to LEED, Well, LBC, and other green building rating systems.


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