Crystal Series 8500 Projected Window Line

Heavy Commercial/Architectural Aluminum Thermal-Break Windows

The Crystal® Series 8500/8600 from Crystal Window & Door Systems is an aluminum projected window line. Intended for commercial and multi-family building applications, it is available in four styles—outswing casement, fixed (8510), project-out awning (8520), and project-in hopper (8530).projected window

Standard with a strong durable 2⅝” (Series 8500) or 3¼” (Series 8600) depth frame and 1″ or 1¼” insulated glass, the Crystal Series 8500/8600 line boasts AAMA architectural ratings from AW-PG80 to AW-PG100. A continuous single master framewith up to three lites offers the ability to combine up to three windows of the same or varying styles in one grouping.

This Crystal Series 8500 aluminum architectural projected window series features a heavy-duty, high performance frame structure, polyurethane thermal barrier technology that thermally breaks conductivity of the aluminum frame to substantially reduce thermal transfer from exterior of window to interiors, and “Intercept ULTRA” warm edge glass spacer technology. These integrated features reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems, providing long term energy efficiency and utility savings to property owners. The heavy-duty frame construction allows for larger expanses of glass that provide unobstructed views.

projected window“Our new Series 8500/8600 aluminum window line master frame allows property owners and designers to achieve a modern fenestration look while saving time, effort, and money over traditional vertical ‘stacking’ and horizontal ‘ganging’ of separate windows using mullions,” said Sabrina Leung, Crystal’s Architectural Sales and Engineering Manager. “High End European style hardware, a face flange frame option, as well as custom installation trim and panning accessories ensure this product line stands out from the crowd.”

Options for the Crystal Series 8500/8600 projected window line include Argon & Low-E ~ to enhance the thermal performance of the window, between the glass applied muntins, a 1½” casement fin, receptor system and subsill, panning and interior trim, and custom colors and finishes.