Crystal Sound Reduction Window

The Series AC85 acoustic casement window provides a solution for high noise locations

The AC85 Acoustic Casement Window from Crystal Window & Door Systems is a sound reduction window. Its sound attenuation makes it suitable for buildings situated near airports, rail lines, highways, heavy-traffic city streets, or other demanding high-noise locations.

sound reduction windowThe AC85 is available in either the combined in-swing/out-swing casement or fixed window styles. The heavy-duty aluminum 7⅞” deep thermally-broken master frame window features a dual-sash configuration (the interior sash opening in and the exterior sash opening out) capable of delivering acoustical sound reduction ratings of STC (Sound Transmission Class) 57 and OITC (Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class) 46.

Typical STC ratings for a basic single pane window are about 27 and for a double-glazed window, 26-37. An 8″ cinder block wall with insulation and drywall have been STC rated at 54. The Crystal AC85 Acoustic Casement Window comes in with an even higher STC 57 rating.

sound reduction windowThe Crystal AC85 Acoustic Casement Window dual sashes each have a 1¼” glazing pocket which accepts double or triple pane insulated glass units. With appropriate glass, Low-E coatings, and argon filling options, notable U-values of 0.28 are achieved.

Multipoint sash locks actuated by a brushed chrome finish handle assure a tight and secure closed seal. Sash opening limit devices and screens are available. A variety of standard and custom color durable finishes for the sound reduction window are offered in either the standard AAMA 2604 or the optional AAMA 2605 powder-coat environmentally sustainable paint finishes.

To facilitate installations, an assortment of Crystal’s accessories, such as mullions, receptors, and subsill systems are available. The AC85 master frame can also be mated with factory installed PTAC louvers, suitable for hotels or other new construction or renovation projects.