Danfoss Oil-Free Check Valve To Improve Performance

The new Oil-Free Check valve was designed to reduce the cost of service and installation and be energy efficient.


Danfoss’ new Oil-Free Check (OFC) valve brings even greater functionality and efficiency to Danfoss Turbocor compressors. Designed specifically for an oil-free environment, the valve delivers a discharge solution that improves the performance and reliability of oil-free centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings by incorporating a low-pressure drop damped check valve, as well as stop and diffuser functions.

Because the oil management system can be removed when using the OFC valve, the Turbocor compressor allows for a more energy efficient chiller that will last throughout the lifetime of the compressor with minimal maintenance and no performance degradation. The OFC valve enhances these Turbocor-based chillers by reducing discharge pressure drop while increasing capacity and efficiency. The OFC simplifies the manufacturing of the chiller by combining multiple functions into one and by providing a flanged connection for easy installation to the condenser heat exchanger.

The Danfoss OFC valve is unique in that it combines multiple functions into one by incorporating both a ball valve style shutoff and the check valve needed to protect the compressor during start up. The check valve itself has a very low pressure drop, frequently less than 1psi depending on the flow, which is significantly lower than other check valves, ensuring unparalleled smooth operation without chattering at startup and backflow at shutdown. The low pressure drop also leads to increased chiller efficiency and, ultimately, lower installation and service costs associated with the valve.

Some of the typical applications in which the OFC valve can be used include: Air-Cooled Chiller, Water-Cooled Chiller, Water-to-Water Heat Pump, and Air-to-Water Heat Pump.

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