Danfoss Power Connection Kits

Connecto NA simplifies installation of self-regulating electric heating cables

Connecto NA from Danfoss is a new and improved line of power connection kits for Danfoss self-regulating heating cables. They are designed for use with both Danfoss RX-C Roof and Gutter De-icing Cables and PX Pipe Freeze Protection Cables, and enable simple, reliable, and safe installation of electric heating cables.

power connection
Power Connection Kit with End Seal

“The new Connecto kits are designed to make installation of our self-regulating heating cables all that much easier for contractors and electricians, reducing time on the job and costs,” said Ian Levergood, Electric Heating Sales Manager. “In fact, compared to traditional connection kits, new Connecto kits allow installation of power connections 75% faster—in as little as three minutes.”

The Connecto connection kits are available in eight variations that include the proper splice or power connection assembly, as well as a threaded cap, sleeve, clamping sleeve, and clamping sheet, and, when necessary, silicone adhesive and an end cap—with NEMA Type 4X/IP66 protection, giving contractors all the tools necessary to ensure a solid power connection every time.

power connectionDanfoss’ line of self-regulating cables minimizes the burden of cold climates or inclement weather by improving safety and alleviating the risk of weather-related damage to pipes, roofs, and gutters. RX-C Roof and Gutter De-icing Cables can be used on commercial applications to prevent ice dams and destructive build-up that causes leaks and property damage. PX Pipe Freeze Protection Cables can be used to prevent water and sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice-damaged, and to ensure hot water or fluid pipes maintain required temperatures and consistent flow.

Varieties and components in Connecto NA Kits include:

Code No. Connecto Power Connection Kit Varieties
088L0760 Power Connection/End Seal Kit NA-B-PK
088L0761 Power Connection Kit NA-B-P
088L0762 Splice Kit NA-B-S
088L0763 Powered Splice Kit NA-B-PS
088L0764 T-Splice Kit NA-B-T
088L0765 Powered T-Splice Kit NA-B-PT
088L0766 X-Splice Kit NA-B-X
088L0767 Silicone/End Seal Kit NA-B-E

Maximum operating voltage is 250VAC, maximum current is 16A, ambient temperature range is -40°F to 185°F, and operating temperature range is -40°F to 150°F.