Data Specialties Inc. Launches Electrical Assessment Service

Data center owner/operators can now get a comprehensive assessment of their facilities’ electrical system and backup capabilities.

Data Specialties Inc. (DSI) has launched its Power Checkup Service. This new service enables owners and operators to quickly see a full picture of their Data Center electrical systems, electric loads, and backup power supplies.

Power Checkup ServicePrompted by PG&E’s decision to selectively turn off power to help reduce the start and spread of wildfires from power lines, this new service produces a picture of your existing backup power system and identify gaps. Given the risks associated with losing power for any Data Center, it is imperative to have the proper uninterruptible power equipment to handle the unique energy loads of each Data Center.

The Power Checkup Service integrates information from a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system. Then, through a process of identifying critical electrical loads requiring protection, determines the equipment you need and the best level of investment to protect your organization. In addition, DSI offers implementation of updated power and backup supply services for Data Centers of all sizes. This analysis is a critical element of an overall plan to evaluate the current state of your Data Center and prepare for 2020.

“The Data Center Power Checkup Service came about because of a critical need for Data Centers in California, but it is a useful tool for all Data Center owners and operators to ensure they can handle their energy loads without compromising service,” says Phil Rafferty, Co-Founder and President, DSI. “Downtime is a serious matter for all Data Centers. Our checkup service encourages owners and operators to think strategically about their existing Data Center power issues and determine useful next steps.”

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