Defendr™ Door System From Masonite

Defendr™ Door System impedes attacks inside buildings, giving security personnel and law enforcement officers time to respond.

Masonite International Corporation, a designer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of interior and exterior doors, has unveiled its Defendr™ Door System. It is designed to impede attacks inside buildings, providing valuable time for security personnel and law enforcement officers to respond.

“We believe it is important to create solutions that are intended to help provide students, educators, healthcare workers and other employees with safe spaces to learn and work,” said Alex Legall, Senior Vice President and Architectural Business Leader, Masonite. “Defendr™ adds a critical line of defense inside facilities where attacks may occur. It can help deter threats and tragic events like active shooters.”Defendr™ Door System

The Masonite Defendr™ Door System is designed to slow attempts to enter a locked interior room by use of force. It is constructed with an extra heavy-duty core for added strength and Armoured One tactical security glass. Armoured One’s Security Glass is tested using the Shooter Attack Test Method, a method developed by Armoured One and Masonite in consultation with security experts based on the history of active shooters. A welded steel door frame and ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware are additional critical components of the system.

“Our ultimate goal is to save lives, and Masonite shares this passion to protect and take care of people,” said Thomas Czyz, CEO and co-founder of Armoured One. “We chose to partner with Masonite because they understand not only the aesthetic value of designing for calm in today’s chaotic environments, but also the value of caring for the customer first.”

The superior protection of the Masonite Defendr™ Door System is offered in a variety of attractive design options, including trend-forward stained wood veneers, vibrant paint colors, and smooth laminate surfaces that complement the aesthetics of any facility. The high-end design options enable architects and designers to seamlessly integrate Defendr™ into building design while prioritizing safety and security.

“We recognize the need for an attack-resistant door system that is practical, aesthetically pleasing and affordable,” Legall said. “The Masonite Defendr™ Door System is designed to create safer spaces, which shouldn’t be a luxury.”

The Defendr™ Door System offers door construction options that qualify under Masonite’s Environmental Product Declaration: FSC Certification, NAUF, recyclable or regional materials options. Learn more about Masonite Architectural’s commitment to sustainability here.

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