DEKRA EBS Workplace Safety Technology

Exposure Based Safety reduces risks in the workplace through new science and technology

Exposure Based Safety™ (EBS) from DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability is a standard beyond Behavior-Based Safety (BBS). This technology is a new approach to reducing risks in the workplace, fueled by new science and technology.workplace safety technology

Fundamentally, EBS is based on understanding the interaction between employee behavior and workplace environment—which can lead to injury—and introduces cutting-edge elements to mitigate risk. With EBS, organizations will have access to the latest mobile and dashboard technology combined with 30 years of best-in-class safety results from DEKRA. Furthermore, this workplace safety technology incorporates new knowledge on brain-centric hazards from neuroscience and better addresses exposures that can lead to life-altering or life-ending injuries.

“We wanted to bring an updated behavior-based safety (BBS) application to market. Why? A recent survey shows four out of five companies in the U.S. use some form of a BBS system. Coupled with our own experience and research from the University of Cambridge, we uncovered the key elements that produce results the fastest with the least effort. The launch of our EBS technology is an elegant combination of science and technology, an upgrade to all behavior-based safety processes that have come before it,” said Ted Apking, President of DEKRA Organizational Safety and Reliability.

The Exposure Based Safety process enhances the safety approach through education, skills training, and in-the-field coaching and guidance that will equip organizations to successfully implement the EBS workplace safety technology. What used to take months under the BAPP system, will only take users weeks to get up-to-speed with on the EBS system. Users get in-depth examinations of the principles driving today’s workplace exposures as well as specific assignments to engage all members of your organization.

“What used to take months under the previous BBS models, will only take weeks with EBS technology. Now safety leaders will be able to engage all members within their teams to enable observations and feedback to start faster, leading to quicker behavior change and reduced exposure,” added Jim Heinzman, Principal Consultant at DEKRA Organizational Safety and Reliability.

As an introduction to the technology, DEKRA published a new whitepaper, “Moving Beyond Behavior: 4 Steps to Creating an Exposure Focus in Your Safety System” covering:

  • Why it’s time to move beyond behavior to target exposure
  • The factors that contribute to injury exposure
  • How leaders can create a safety system that combats exposure
  • What exposure management looks like at each organizational level

EBS workplace safety technology provides real-time information gathering using a smart phone or tablet instead of pen and paper; a holistic vision of all types of exposures, including brain-centric hazards; trends spotted immediately based on the feedback of people closest to the risks; a more efficient design than any of its BBS predecessors, getting users to exposure reduction in weeks instead of months; and dynamic dashboards that give quick action plans around the latest science and learnings on safety.