Delta MP5000 Safety Barrier

The MP5000 by Delta Scientific is a portable safety barrier. It can help protect people from vehicle attacks and errant driver mistakes.

The MP5000 phalanx type barrier ramp is available in 12′, 16′, and 20′ foot clear openings for locations that have large vehicle traffic. The 12′ model is certified to level K4/L1 with a gross vehicle weight of 15,000 pounds and a crash speed of 30 mph. The 16′ version is tested to ASTM M30 and ASTM M40 (K4, K8). The 20′ model carries a K8 rating (M40 ASTM rating), stopping 7.5 ton vehicles traveling 40 barrier

The MP500 can be towed to where vehicle security is needed. It sets up quickly and is self contained and battery powered. The barricade is configured for expedited deployment and, as needed, retrieval and relocation. The system can be sited on existing concrete, asphalt roadways or verges, level compacted soils, or on a combination. No excavation or sub-surface preparation is required. Once positioned, the mobile barricades will unpack themselves by means of hydraulic jacks without hand cranking. The wheels are stored and vehicle ramps are folded out. DC-powered pumps will then raise or lower the barriers. Estimated deployment time is 15 to 20 minutes.

The battery operated hydraulic power unit is maintained and recharged from a solar array, an internal battery charger (operated on a local power source), a field interchangeable rechargeable battery pack, or from other local low voltage sources. In addition, the control point can be at the barrier, at an adjacent control site, or by a hand held control module on a plug-in umbilical cable. When fully charged it can typically operate the safety barrier 125 cycles without recharging provisions.

All external surfaces of the barrier, ramps, support mechanism, and transporter have a rust inhibiting industrial enamel surface. An inorganic zinc rich primer and color finish coat are optional.

The standard rising speed of the MP5000 Barrier Ramp to a full guard position is adjustable within five to 12 seconds. Lowering speeds are within a range of three to 15 seconds. Barrier direction is instantly reversible from the control station or manual push button control at any point in a cycle.