DeltrexUSA’s Intelligent Local Door Alarm

Bluetooth Enabled For a Variety of Alarm Applications

The Intelligent Local Door Alarm (iLDA) from DeltrexUSA is a Bluetooth® enabled door alarm. It allows system integrators to utilize a single type of door alarm to handle a large variety of alarm applications, including local warning alarms, door held alarms, and forced door alarms.


The iLDA provides four dry relays programmed via an onboard jumper to allow for supervision—NC, 1K, and 1K/2K. There is no need for external EOL supervision resistors. Outputs are Bluetooth programmed to provide conditions such as: Alarm, Shunt, Held Open, and “Door Mimic” for which there is no need to drill the door’s frame for multiple door contacts (DC/DSM). iOS Bluetooth users are divided into two groups: Managers and Security officers, each with unique rights.

An iButton digital key is used in lieu of traditional mechanical arm/disarm keys. Shunt/Bypass/Silence and other features are performed locally using the iButton, iPhone, or remotely from any Access Control System (ACS).

Flexible inputs allow for remote shunt, remote bypass, remote reset as well as “Lock Voltage Sense” for both fail-safe and fail secure 12VDC/24VDC locks. A local built-in database can validate/invalidate over 50 “digital key” users. In addition to many other built-in features, the iLDA can be custom programmed as per requirements.

The iLDA offers three time delays. Access delay shunts the alarm function for the duration of the delay. Warning delay sets the duration of the warning alarm. Alarm automatic reset delay sets the duration of an alarm if automatic reset is enabled.

The Intelligent Local Door Alarm is available with or without a 2.6″ LCD display that shows various door conditions such as Secured or Armed in dark green and will also display date and time. The LCD allows integrators to enter five lines of text and/or their end user’s logo.

The iLDA mounts into a standard two gang, ½” deep electrical box, powered from 9VDC to 32VDC. Two 12 pin fixed terminal strips accept up to 16 AWG wires. The alarm sounder has a programmable voltage rating of 95dB or 105dB. Pulsing tones indicate warning alarm.

The iLDA line includes item #9700 Door Alarm without a display, item #9800 with a display screen, and item #9900 with a display screen and configurable display options.