Dentist Duo Builds Customized Office Complex

Waterford Stone by Echelon was chosen to create an enduring, modern exterior for a new Georgia Dental Complex.

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Reginald Booker, DDS and his wife Stacey Newton Booker, DDS have each established their own thriving dental practices in Flowery Branch, Georgia, a growing community best known for being hometown to the Atlanta Falcons NFL franchise. Last year, the couple decided to have a customized office complex built — large enough to accommodate both expanding practices. After exploring different options in the area, they found a parcel of land located off a well-traveled highway where commercial real estate was developing at a fast pace. The Bookers wanted their place to serve as the gold standard for other new builds and renovations along this busy corridor.

“Life has been much sweeter since we can now support one another from across the hallway instead of across the county.”

— Reginald Booker, DDS

“I opened my original office in March of 2010 and my wife, Stacey, opened her oral surgery practice in June of 2013,” Dr. Booker explained. “When the opportunity to practice in the same office presented itself, we jumped at the chance. Life has been much sweeter since we can now support one another from across the hallway instead of across the county.”

customized office complex
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An Enduring, Contemporary Exterior

The couple enlisted the services of two trusted firms, Zanardo Architects for structural engineering and interior/exterior design and the Hobgood Construction Group, which acted as General Contractor for the project. The companies have earned similar reputations for integrity, a client-centered vision, and craftsmanship and have partnered on previous medical facilities in the past. With distinct guidelines in place for creating an attractive space to house two optimally functional dental practices, acquiring superior materials was a top priority for the project.

For the structure’s exterior, the Bookers envisioned a contemporary design, with an enduring look that would present well from the busy road below. For that reason, the high visibility of the second story was factored into the overall design plans.

“By the time we looked at exterior elements, our building geometry was already configured, so we needed a material that would fit within that geometric puzzle,” noted architect and owner Scott Zanardo. “The Bookers liked the mix of white and black sharp clean lines, so we explored several brick and stone options in light colors to contrast with a dark wood aesthetic. When they saw the Echelon Waterford Stone on display at Georgia Masonry Suppliers, their search was over.”

Echelon’s Waterford Stone masonry veneers were engineered with antiqued edges and textured face, evoking the natural time-honed look of hand-cut stone. Along with its eye-catching appeal, the product offered a great deal of the design flexibility needed for this project.

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“We used different sizes including some of the jumbo blocks to match the scale and geometry of the design, which created an interesting aesthetic when paired with the monotone color,” remarked Zanardo. “Also, the four-inch-deep corner pieces added appropriate substance to cap off each corner of the building. It really incorporated that timeless look into our contemporary design and gave us the look the Bookers were seeking.”

The pre-engineered units are manufactured in multiple sizes including large format veneers that Zanardo incorporated into his pattern. The Bookers chose Waterford Stone in Antique Ivory from the range of available colors.

“The consistent through-color was very impressive as well,” Zanardo added. “If it were to get chipped or nicked, the color depth that extends all the way through the veneer would still maintain the look of real stone.”

Along with its adaptable design features, Waterford Stone had far-reaching benefits regarding installation, cost, durability, and sustainability.

Greg Sportsman, President and owner of the Hobgood Group has maintained a hands-on business approach while overseeing daily operations for his commercial construction firm. He keeps updated on industry innovations including optimally appropriate materials for a range of applications. He’s used Waterford Stone on other projects and was already an advocate.

“The Waterford Stone was a great choice for this build,” Sportsman commented. “While delivering a high-quality product with attractive finishes, there is an imbedded value in the Echelon product due to the ease and speed of installation and the minimal waste factor.

“The stone is very modular,” he continued “and while they are designed to look natural, the shapes and sizes of the stone pieces were made to fit together in such a way that few pieces need to be custom cut, which eliminates the waste caused by scraps and miscuts. And it provides a great look when complete.”

Since the Bookers would now own their business complex, product durability was a key concern in selecting materials for the exterior. They were impressed with the durability of the Waterford veneers, which were uniquely engineered to repel water, resist mold, and stand up to harsh weather conditions resulting in low maintenance and upkeep for their property.

The Royal Lakes Dental project was completed in November of 2021, and the Bookers were delighted with the building’s elegant exterior design and the stylish, cheerful interior.

customized office complex
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“The Waterford Stone, wood accents and rising metal portion of the building gave us the look we envisioned. Our patients frequently compliment us on this gorgeous building.”

— Dr. Booker

“Our first reaction was, Wow!,” Dr. Booker recalled.  “We’ve finally done it and we can’t believe that this is our place. We really like the aesthetic of the practice on the inside and out. The Waterford Stone, wood accents and rising metal portion of the building gave us the look we envisioned. Our patients frequently compliment us on this gorgeous building.”

“The Royal Lakes project is highly visible in a heavy traffic corridor,” Sportsman noted, “and it stands out as a landmark that people recognize due to the combination of the Echelon masonry, the accent synthetic wood siding and metal trim components.”

The Royal Lakes complex is a standing tribute to Zanardo Architects guiding philosophy —Environments should be designed to uplift and encourage. Good design should elicit positive feelings in those visiting, working and playing in the space while also providing easy access for those delivering services.

Zanardo reflected, “We really set the bar high for all aspects of this project. We are thrilled with the look and quality of the building and so happy that the Bookers vision was fulfilled.”

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