Dero Bike Storage Lockers

Five fully-enclosed options for long-term bike parking applications

Dero has announced its new and improved, fully built-out line of bike lockers made in Minnesota. The company now offers five fully-enclosed bike storage lockers: Two-Tier, Vertical, Double, Single, and Veloport™. Whether it’s space efficiency, weather protection, and/or high security, they are a suitable option for long-term bike parking applications.

bike storageThese bike storage lockers feature sturdy steel construction with locking options that include a u-lock/padlock compatible handle. Users can choose from either galvanized or powder-coat finishes. Ventilating windows on the doors allow for easy monitoring of the locker’s contents. Installation is simple, with leveling feet for uneven surfaces and includes tamperproof hardware. Numbered plates, automatic door closers, and gear hooks are available options. The majority of the lockers ship flat to save on freight.

The modular Dero Two-Tier Bike Locker™ has an upper tray lift-assist that makes it easy to load and provides a space-saving solution to meet the increasing demand for covered bike parking.

The Dero Vertical Bike Locker™ unites the space-saving advantages of Dero’s Ultra Space Saver parking system with the additional protection of fully-enclosed bike storage. With its trapezoidal footprint, the modular Vertical Locker can be arranged in single or double rows or arcing configurations and is patent pending.

The Dero Double Bike Locker™ is only 38″ wide accommodating two bikes per unit. It is a suitable choice for long-term bicycle parking when space is limited.

The Dero Single Bike Locker™ offers bike parking for one bicycle per unit at only 32″ wide, thus providing a narrower footprint when space is limited.

The Veloport™ (Patent D803,762 S) has a modern laser cut design. Each bay of this all-metal, modular bike locker parks one bicycle on a lockable tray that helps guide the bike into the port. It’s user-friendly with a lift-assist door and wider fat bike trays are an option.