Did You Miss The “ACT FAST: Decision-Making in Emergency Situations” Webinar?

emergency-situationsAlthough you may have developed a thorough plan for emergency situations, you will still have to make potentially life-or-death decisions in emergencies – under duress. This free webinar video addresses decision-making during an emergency using the Boyd Cycle or Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) Loop, the principles of which apply to any hazard in any environment:

  1. Observe – Realize the power of situational awareness.
  2. Orient – Conduct an operational environment analysis to understand your options.
  3. Decide – Make rapid decisions based on the information at hand.
  4. Act – Overcome your body’s response to extreme survival stress.

Join SafePlans, Status Solutions and Facility Executive to explore these emergency scenarios:

  • Natural disasters (weather, earthquake, pandemic)
  • Facility failures/operational disruptions (power outage, pipe burst, gas leak)
  • Intruder/active shooter

You’ll also learn how situational awareness and therefore emergency alerting and response management can be automated to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

A video of the presentation, “ACT FAST: Decision-Making in Emergency Situations,” is now available. To view it, fill out the form below.

Webinar: ACT FAST: Decision-Making in Emergency Situations