Did You Miss The Best Practices For Efficient Energy Management Webinar?

Aquicore WebinarPresented on July, 16, 2016 by Cassidy Turley and Aquicore, the Best Practice for Efficient Energy Management webinar was hosted by Today’s Facility Manager. During the presentation, Lee Dunfee of Cassidy Turley described the winning strategy he deployed with his team to achieve outstanding results. Aquicore, Inc. CEO Logan Soya shared examples of how to avoid peak demand costs and explained how to create the best schedule for your buildings by considering occupancy, time, and weather conditions.

The session looked at how to improve building scheduling, find and avoid operational inefficiencies, and protect equipment and extend its life. It was followed by a helpful question and answer session.

A video of the presentation, “Best Practices For Efficient Energy Management: A Cassidy Turley Case Study,” is now available. To view it, fill out the form below.

Cassidy Turley/Aquicore Webinar: Best Practices For Efficient Energy Management