Infographic: Disinfection To Prevent Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)

PDI, a provider of environmental hygiene and patient care products and solutions, created an infographic (below) highlighting key challenges across various healthcare settings, as well as guidelines for selecting an appropriate disinfectant for the situation. This tool is part of a larger effort to raise awareness around steps hospitals can take to create efficiencies and lower the incidence of healthcare associated infection (HAI). The image below highlights common healthcare settings, including patient rooms, operating rooms, oncology, isolation rooms and emergency rooms.

PDI notes that with an abundance of variables and sensitivities in every healthcare setting, there is no one wipe for every situation. Additionally, bleach has a crucial but specific role in the mix; while not appropriate for facility-wide disinfection, bleach is trusted for disinfecting in critical circumstances.

The infographic demonstrates how best to implement PDI’s surface wipe product line throughout a healthcare facility. And, while the infographic highlights PDI products, it also provides the disinfection formulation for each (e.g., alcohol free quat), so facility management professionals can draw on that information when evaluating products on the market.

“In today’s healthcare environment, leadership is often faced with competing priorities,” says Melanie Waddell, senior product manager. “On one hand, facilities are encouraged to curb costs and streamline processes, but at the same time they must address the 1 in 25 patients who have at least one healthcare-associated infection on any given day. Following these suggested guidelines can help improve compliance and increase efficiency, which in turn supports better patient care and outcomes.” (Click image to view larger.)

infographic with disinfection choices to prevent healthcare associated infection
(courtesy PDI)