DMP and OpenEye Video Integration

Control panel events like intrusion alarms can now be tied to the associated video clip

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP®) has integrated with the OpenEye Web Services platform. This video integration will enable users to receive a video push alert from OpenEye Web Services whenever a DMP XR Series™ control panel event occurs. OpenEye Web Service users may also easily retrieve video from associated cameras by searching for DMP control panel events in the Apex thin client or Command Station desktop integration

Communication between the DMP control panel and the OpenEye Web Services platform is network based, and no additional physical wiring is required.

XR Panels can be used to create an integrated security package that includes intrusion, fire, and access control, all managed and controlled via one intuitive software program. A single system means one system to learn, operate, and maintain. That creates a simpler, lower-cost protection system. The routine release of software upgrades for DMP panels let dealers and end users benefit from a regular stream of new features and system enhancements.

Cellular-equipped XR Panels allow end users to take remote control of their security system. The MyAccess™ features enable end users to send many of the most common system commands to their systems via SMS text message. They can also choose to have alerts sent to them each time there’s an arm/disarm, an alarm, or other selected event. End users can also download the easy-to-use the DMP Virtual Keypad App and take control of their network-connected XR Panels via their smart phone or iPad.

OpenEye Web Services is a powerful cloud-enabled video management platform that improves operational efficiencies and drives value across entire organizations. The platform consists of five major components, helping solve real-world video surveillance problems: Apex Server, OWS Web Client, Command Station VMS, OpenEye Mobile app, and Apex NVR appliances. The platform prevents unauthorized users from opening an inbound port to enable client user access. Additional security measures including two-step verification and AES-256 data encryption provide advanced protection for client users.

“This integration enables our installing channel partners to deliver greater value to clients by tying control panel events like intrusion alarms to the associated video clip,” says OpenEye CEO Rick Sheppard. “The event data produced by door sensors, glass break protectors, motion sensors, and smoke alarms is more actionable from a life safety and business intelligence perspective when delivered with the associated video.”

“OpenEye has proven to be a great partner to work with, and the features that this integration offers will be enjoyed by our mutual customers,” adds Mark Hillenburg, executive director of Marketing for DMP. “We look forward to working with Rick and his team on more projects in coming months.”