Doors & Locks

This assortment of doors and locks offer facility managers safety, security, and efficiency for their buildings.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the August 2022 Issue

This assortment of doors and locks offer facility managers safety, security, and efficiency for their buildings.

Galvanex® Ultra™ and
SpectraShield® Ultra Powder Coat Finish For Security Doors
by CornellCookson

New finish upgrades by CornellCookson provide a protective top layer for rolling security doors, to help prevent finish deterioration and increase the curtain’s protection against a corrosive environment. Both Galvanex Ultra and SpectraShield Ultra Powder Coat Finish aid in keeping a protective closure looking like the day it was installed, despite a high cycle volume.

As polyester-based, textured, and wear-resistant clear coat finishes, Galvanex Ultra and SpectraShield Ultra provide increased resistance to corrosion and improved durability against deteriorations and marring of the curtain, during regular use.

CornellCooksonGalvanex Ultra is an exclusive, dual coat finish applied to steel curtains, available in gray, tan, white, or brown. SpectraShield Ultra is an environmentally friendly, powder coat finish for steel or aluminum.

Engineered to be aesthetically pleasing, the new finishes feature a five-year warranty against fading, cracking, blistering, flaking or peeling, as well as a 2-year or 50,000 cycles warranty against normal abrasion and scratching.

4800 Series Intelligent Interlock Controllers and 4900 Series PLC Mantrap Controllers
by Dortronics

Dortronics enhanced its portfolio of smart door interlock and mantrap solutions with its 4800 Series Intelligent Interlock Controllers and 4900 Series PLC Mantrap Controllers.


The 4800 Series Door Interlock Controller accommodates up to five doors, including doors with automatic openers. The unit features adjustable timers for propped door time, panic release unlock time, and unlock pause time for REX unlock time. The interlock system’s 17 outputs control door locks and mirror door status with alarm outputs.

The 4900 Series 4900 PLC Mantrap features 12/24V selectable outputs for increased scalability and higher cost-efficiency in large installations with multiple door locks and alarm devices. The unit features PLC logic that allows only one of multiple interlocked doors to be unsecured at a time. Simultaneous requests for access or requests for access while any single door is open are denied to maintain the highest levels of security.

DL100 Wireless Deadlatch
by Adams Rite

Adams Rite’s DL100 Wireless Deadlatch is an advanced, aluminum stile electrified deadlatch with Aperio wireless technology. Ready for retrofit, renovation, or any commercial project with an existing MS door prep, the DL100 combines electrified locking hardware with an access control system in standard aluminum stile doors. It easily interfaces with other access control elements to extend real-time security.

The DL100 uses low-energy motorized EcoLatch actuator technology for silent operation and provides a MultiCLASS SE contactless card reader that supports 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz credentials.

Doors & Locks

The DL100 is always operable from the inside handle or paddle, with entry via mortise cylinder or integrated card reader. The deadlatch comes complete with Form C latch status and tamper monitoring and the product is powered by two AA lithium batteries.

The DL100 offers a real-time Door Position Switch monitor, Request to Exit, and battery health monitoring and control.

Rockwood Hands-Free Door Pulls

ASSA ABLOY’s Architectural Door Accessories group has released a series of hands-free door opening solutions to reduce the number of skin-to-surface touchpoints people meet throughout the day. Rockwood arm and foot pulls are easy-to-install, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new or pre-existing openings, which has become a major consideration for everyone to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria.

Doors & Locks

According to a recent Qualtrics report, the majority of people said they currently do not feel confident going to a restaurant (68%), shopping (51%), or attending an event (79%). Limiting contact and exposure with hands-free door hardware has become an important defense in reducing risk for building occupants and guests.

Rockwood Hands-Free Arm and Foot Pulls consist of sturdy stainless steel and are easy to install on wood, metal or aluminum doors. Additionally, they complement ADA standards and regulations to ensure all openings remain accessible to everyone.

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