Dortronics 4800 Series Programmable Logic Controllers

Field configurable interlock controller for up to five door

The 4800 Series from Dortronics is a line of versatile and economical PLCs (programmable logic controllers). It offers users the flexibility to configure the solution in the field to accommodate up to five doors with various input/output configurations.

programmable logic controllers“We developed our 4800 Series controllers to meet the tremendous growth in the market for interlocking doors for some time now,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Additionally, we’ve designed the solution to offer users flexibility with door configuration and other advanced features typically found only in more costly and complex controllers.”

The fully integrated 4800 PLC is a one board solution that allows the installer complete control of all operating and configuration options without complex software. It is suitable for air locks or security mantraps, with up to five normally locked or unlocked doors. This controller may be customized to control automatic door openers and provide custom timing and logic sequences for biological wash-down controls. Other configurations provide outputs for traffic lights, forced door alarms, and an emergency panic release input.

The 4800 Series features 12 field assignable inputs and 17 configurable relay outputs. An accessory auxiliary relay lock output for contact relays further expands system design possibilities adding up to five factory installable accessory terminal blocks. When form C contacts are required for additional functionality the auxiliary terminal boards can be specified on the purchase order and installed prior to shipment. These give the option of additional normally open or normally closed terminals with the 4800 Series controller.

Any access control system can be used with the 4800 series programmable logic controllers. The request for access input recognizes any normally open dry contact. Each door has a normally open dry contact output to mirror door status back to an access control panel or remote console.

The 48501 series PLC is paired with a heavy-duty 4-amp power supply that includes a Fire Alarm connection for emergency egress and can provide power to operate maglocks, electric strikes, and traffic lights. The 48500 standalone PLC is also available without the power supply and enclosure for connection to an existing 12VDC to 24VDC power source.

The 4800 Series programmable logic controllers include a watchdog circuit that constantly monitors operation; LED indicators for input-output connection status; voltage spike and surge protection on all outputs; and adjustable propped door, panic release, and door unlock timers.