DoublExit Launches High-Rise Harness Emergency Escape System

Evacuation solution specialist DoublExit has announced the launch of its groundbreaking new emergency escape offering – the DoublExit Escape System.

emergency escapeDesigned for use in tall multistory buildings, the harness-based system acts as a life-saving means of escape during an emergency when existing exit routes are inaccessible or inoperative. It is the only escape system in the world to be installed independently and fully self-contained in storage cabinets ready for use from inside the building. In the event of an emergency the harness allows for a controlled descent to safety via a window, balcony, or other opening to the outside without the need for external assistance or any training.

Specially developed for purpose and stringently tested, the DoublExit Escape System can be used repeatedly and is bidirectional to enable the continuous evacuation of large numbers of people. For the same reasons it is mechanically operated and does not rely on any external power source. It can be installed in any type of building, including private housing, apartments, hotels, industrial buildings, shopping centers and offices, without the need for structural alterations, as well as incorporated during new build planning.

emergency escapeThe DoublExit Escape System was developed in response to the events of September 11 by DoublExit CTO Yoav Barzilay. Barzilay has over 25 years of military experience, including 15 years as the head of the development program for Israel’s counter terrorism unit (C.T.U). Further developments to the product are in the pipeline, including a version that can be installed inside a decorative door.

“Bringing DoublExit to market completes a long-held goal for us,” said David Ravel, CEO of DoublExit. “We saw a need for this system when we first started development of the concept and that same need still exists today. In fact, more and more people are living and working in multistory buildings, and should the worst happen, need a safe way out when normal exits may not be useable. Quite simply we believe this can save lives.”

DoublExit is approved for operation in buildings up to 492 feet in height and to carry weights between 66 and 330 pounds. The cable is fire retardant and the system is capable of functioning in wet conditions. The special harness also makes the system suitable for the disabled.