Download Your Facility & Asset Data Collection Checklist

Utilize three checklists in one in this comprehensive guide for facilities data collection.

Whether you’re embarking on your first data collection adventure or you already have some data on file and want to make sure you’re gathering the right information, the checklists included in this Facility & Asset Data Collection Checklist from AkitaBox are a great starting point.

facilities data collection

Keep in mind that these lists are a general standard. You may not need to collect everything on them — or you may want to capture additional information beyond what’s included. The important thing is to focus on whatever data matters most to your organization and industry.

facilities data collectionThis guide also introduces you to an incredibly easy-to-use software tool: AkitaBox Capture. It’s like having all three of these checklists (plus your floor plans) in the palm of your hand while you’re out gathering information.

Click here now to download your copy of the
Facility & Asset Data Collection Checklist. 

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