DuctSox C-Series Fabric Diffuser

360° coverage provides facilities with precise, directional control of their indoor airflow system

The C-Series Fabric Diffuser from DuctSox offers a 360° air distribution solution for HVAC systems. Suitable for a variety of spaces, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail, fitness, and convention centers, the C-Series drop-down plenum diffuser provides facilities with precise, directional control of their indoor airflow system in spaces where traditional ductwork is not an option for physical or financial reasons.fabric diffuser

Traditional metal four and six-way diffusers are limited by localized diffusers placed several feet apart, leaving inefficient hot and cold spots. The C-Series Diffuser features a 360° design of porous fabric with a unique pattern of directional openings. Each diffuser is engineered with a straight or 30° angled face and available in a variety of sizes to fit the air distribution needs of any space. In addition to outperforming most insulated metal designs, the C-Series Fabric Diffuser provides added benefits due to its fabric construction, including a lightweight build and a 30% to 50% lower material cost than comparable metal diffusers.

The C-Series diffuser utilizes DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore internal tensioning system, which eliminates fabric flutter while maintaining the exterior’s sleek appearance with or without airflow. A stainless-steel internal framework option is also available for food processing and other caustic environments.

“DuctSox products provide a variety of benefits for facility managers looking to optimize HVAC systems,” said Andy Olson, DuctSox product manager. “The C-Series Fabric Diffuser offers a customizable and efficient solution for air distribution challenges in virtually any space.”

Unlike metal, fabric diffusers are immune to scratches, dents, and rust as the porous fabric is durable and not prone to condensation. The fabric is also quieter due to a lack of resonating properties and can be vacuumed or laundered, while optional fabrics are available with antimicrobial agents. The C-Series fabric is classified by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 90A and UL 2518.

The C-Series Diffuser also provides facilities with several “green” benefits. Due to its 360° of air dispersion, the fabric diffuser brings occupied spaces to target temperatures 22% faster than metal diffusers, saving on energy costs and requires less shipment packaging than metal creating less solid waste. As a result, installation of a C-Series Diffuser may also help facilities attain LEED credits.


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